Let’s take a take a look at the facts regarding Craigkellymp www.craigkellymp.com It was designed to slander Australian Craig Kelly MP and invites users to share his memes.

Try to split the name Craigkellymp which has been registered to be a site name. The name is a reference to Craig Kelly, a politician from Australia.

The website is currently gaining popularity among those who do not agree with policy of Craig as well as among people who are opposed to Taxes. A YouTuber under the account named FriendlyJordies is believed to have created this website.

Let’s examine the background of the creation of this website and more about Craigkellymp.com.

About Craig Kelly:

Craig is a member of the House of Representatives for Hughes in New South Wales. Craig was recently featured in the media after his text messages were sent to 14 million Australian citizens, asking if the Covid vaccine was safe. The message provoked anger among people.

What is Craigkellymp.com?

The website was misinterpreted to be a website run by Craig for the purpose of publishing posts on public forums It was due to Craig’s name site was in reference to Craig. The website was a source of profanity towards Craig in addition to George Christensen.

Craigkellymp.com is a website that Craigkellymp Craigkellymp.com Craigkellymp.comis encouraging users to share memes about Craig. It also had hilarious videos and cartoons featuring Craig. The website stated that it was helping the community and arguing against taxes.

After seeing the details on the site, many initially thought Craig may not have been taken a loan to lease the site name, and that the site could have been seized by Trolls.

Later it was revealed that Craig was not the owner of any websites. Someone is trying to extort Craig. Many believe that the website could have been made by FriendlyJordies or a YouTuber because it contained an appeal for donations to the YouTuber.

Craigkellymp com Specifications:

  • Physical address isnot specified
  • Number of phone –not listed
  • E-mail Address – NotCraigKelly@craigkellymp.com
  • Contact person not provided.not given
  • Address of Website – https://craigkellymp.com/
  • IP Address of the website
  • Registrar – GoDaddy.com LLC
  • Webhost AS26496
  • Server location – Singapore
  • server address address: 1deg17’22.9 “N in addition to 103deg51’00.4 “E (or) 28 North Bridge Rd, Singapore.
  • Alexa Rank -3391777
  • Web Age:7th September just 10 days older.
  • Website registration expires 7th September 20237th September 2023
  • website trust score 14.4%, not reliable.14.4 percent Not reliable
  • Social Media hyperlinks –not accessible
  • Craigkellymp.com Owner Contact Information –This important information isn’t disclosed.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites –7/100.
  • Website Popularity1269188 Poor
  • Threat Profile –58/100
  • Phishing Score –33/100
  • Malware Score –58/100
  • Spam Score –2/100


It is evident it is clear Craig Kelly MP does not have the website in his possession. The website has been accused of discrediting Craig because of political motives because the tax agenda and community service are discussed. In addition, the site appears to be planning expansion by collecting visitor’s email addresses. Craigkellymp www.cracklellymp.com was registered outside Australia to protect its users.