Craig Kelly is the most well-known person in Australia. Since the 2010 federal election, he has been a politician who served as MP for Hughes’ divisions. He is also a member the Liberal party. He has been trending in recent months and is being mocked for his social media bad behavior.

Craig Kelly MP Website has caused a lot of controversy online and is being used as publicity tool. Let’s find out the full story.

Who’s Craig Kelly?

Craig Kelly is a Parliamentary Member since 2010. He joined Clive Palmer’s UAP in recent months and will continue to lead the party until the next election. Kelly was born 29 September 1963. Kelly completed his education at public schools. He joined his family’s furniture company and became a salesman after completing his education.

Kelly created the now-defunct SSRA, the Southern Sydney Retailers Association. This platform was used to lobby the Australian consumer commission and Australian competition.

Why Craig Kelly MP Website in the media?

Craig is often criticized for spreading false information about COVID-19 on social media. Kelly’s Facebook page showed a much higher engagement than either the Prime Minister or any other powerful leaders.

He has been the most powerful politician in Australia since January. His website spreads false news about COVID-19, and sends messages about vaccination to 14 million Australians.

The messages indicate that Kelly is responsible for this. He used his official page Craig Kelly .The website’s purpose was to send out the latest updates and policies. However, due to the inability to renew his domain, the website was hacked and trolling. It was linked to YouTuber-friendly Jordies.

Craig’s website

Craig Kelly’s website was registered officially on September 7, 2020. It was not owned by the politician. On the first page you’ll see a large photograph of Craig with a mask covering their eyes. Craig’s left side has a message from the troll that includes memes.

Craig Kelly MP website also features a YouTube video made by Jordie’s from the party. The twist is that the link to the fundraiser is for YouTubers. Jordan Shanks is the YouTube channel of his YouTube channel.

Learn The whole story here.

The Bottom Line

Individuals’ lives have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Spreading false information about COVID vaccinations and playing with people’s emotions is not a good idea. Craig bought a domain to update people’s policies. Kelly did not renew his Craig Kelly MPH Website domain, which is being trolled now by YouTubers.

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