Hey guys, how are you all do in this pandemic? We are sure that everyone could be bored as a hell, and simply being at home, nothing to do can really make you crazy. But there is one thing that can help you reduce boredom; Yes, it’s true, bar games !!! Whether this exciting bar games always bring us a kind of nostalgia.

Agrees; Today we will have a review of the game; It’ll be fun. We will help you sort if you have to buy these products from these websites. When it comes to his purchase process, a refund and return, the payment methods and the necessary thing is CRAGGY GAMES.com REAL or fraud.

We will help you purify all the doubts, sharing your Reviews Craggy Games.com.

What is CRAGGY GAMES.com?

CRAGGYGAMES.com was discovered in 2021; Was built by two car and alvy friends; Both are the best friends from childhood they played many bars. It was their dream to build a business shop, which seems to be a graph of an old stereotypical movie.

Looking at categories, we are not impressed because the site does not have much to offer. It has 30 days of return policy that is quite convenient. We also find that there are also rocky games.com, before we recommend shopping from here.

CraggyGame.com is present on all social media, with Instagram on Facebook, but there are no opinions about the product on this page, and their quality of products looks good according to them. Currently, the number of orders is very much that they had a sign on his head of his website, that the order is too large, and the shipment will take 6 days after analyzing all these things, also mentioned in CraggyGame.com.

Specification of websites:

• Website type: Website that sells bar bar

• Domain age: 61 days

• Payment method: online payment

• Custom service number: (757) 797-5977

• mail ID: [email protected]

• SSL certificate valid

• SSL type: Certificates approved domains (DV SSL)


• Allows all types of payments.

• The site has all the necessary pages.

• Products sold on the site are a good time.


• The result of the trust of this page, according to the fraud adviser, is about 30%.

• No local delivery

• There is no pickup in the store

• No P.O shipping boxes

• Suspicious positive rocky games.com

Is the site legal or fraud?

CraggyGame.com is an e-commerce website that sells bar games that argue that they are environmentally friendly. The domain has 61 days. This is a new site, but all the owner’s information is given that look suspicious. They sell ring and hook games, and shipping is throughout the US.

Their site is a new website of Morden, which does not attract many people because they do not provide an exciting range and type of game made with one of the best wood.

On Craggy Games.com Reviews, Here are reviews for the quality of the bar, which was more suspicious because the new domain, but the review was from 2020. We found that there is no other review on the website, but people who buy a game showed many positive answers, and this was only traced on one page.

After seeing the opinion in social media, we discovered that the site is active on Facebook and Instagram, but nobody rated on the website on these platforms. The site seems suspicious to us.

What are CRAGGY GAMES.com Reviews:

The page The page was full of all positive customers clients. There was a sum of 36 client reviews, which was about the perfect Kundar, the quality of the product and its affordability. But we did not find any positive review on any other platform. Even a Facebook page has not yet been evaluated by customers.

Our analysis also says that reply, there is rocky game.com. Legit; It is necessary to find all authentic reviews. We believe that positive reviews on Etsy.com can be manipulated and we can not rely on them.

Last word:

Craggy Game is a web game for sale. In our analysis we are able to find a lot of 5-star evaluations on the website on one site.

However, the answer is suspected because they are published before the age of the domain, and the photos also look a bit doubtful; We can not trust this site. It has a low trust score, it is not very popular in Alexie, and Craggy Games.com reviews are false. So this newly built site is suspicious.

The bar is the best way to keep your mind is busy and active, making it sharp. What is your favorite type of game? Do not forget to share us.