Minnesota and Vault Health Services have teamed together to offer free saliva COVID-19 testing at home for all Minnesotans, with or without symptoms.

The Vault saliva test kit kits are polymerase-chain reaction (PCR) molecular tests which detect the virus’s genetic materials. PCR tests are the best tests to detect COVID-19. It detects whether you are currently suffering from COVID-19. If so, it will also determine if you can spread the virus to others. It does not test for antibodies. It is not an antibody test that checks for COVID-19 in the past.

If you need an accommodation for a disability or require translation services please e-mail accessibility@vaulthealth.com.

There is no limit on the number of saliva test kits that you can order. When your test arrives, please complete it and send it back as soon possible.

  • After you have obtained the outstanding test results, you cannot order another Vault test.
  • You must order multiple tests for your family members.
  • Vault’s customer support line can be reached at 800-800-55698 if a test kit is not delivered.

You will not be charged any fees by your insurance company or your testing provider for your COVID Test.

All costs related to this test will be covered by your insurance company. Insurance companies may send an Explanation of Benefits (or “EOB”) to explain the difference between the cost of the COVID test and what they have actually paid. Some insurance companies may also state that the patient is responsible for a portion of the COVID test. This is just for information. It is not a bill. You don’t need to pay anything. Vault, the testing company, accepts your insurance’s full payment.

About the test

  • All Minnesotans receive free saliva tests No matter if or not you have insurance.
    • Your insurance company will require you to submit information in order to pay for your test. If your insurance company does not cover COVID-19 test costs, or does not provide enough coverage, the state will cover it. Your test will be covered by the state if you don’t have insurance. For your COVID testing, you do not need to pay your insurance company nor the testing provider.
    • Don’t enter your credit card details on the Vault website. To try again, please close your browser. The link may require you to open it in a new, private or anonymous browser. Vault also offers national paid tests. Minnesotans should access the Vault site via the link. If you have been charged for a test, please send an email to testathome.mdh@state.mn.us.
  • Adults and children can both use these tests, but they may not be suitable for children below 4 years of age because they might not have enough saliva. A request for a test must be made by an adult over 18 years old. For each person who requires a test, an individual email address and account must be created. This might mean that each person who needs a test will require a unique email address.
  • Saliva testing is not recommended for individuals with low salivary production like children and stroke victims.

How to take the test

You must not eat or chew for 30 minutes prior to taking your test.

After you’re ready to take the test , you will log on to the Vault Virtual Waiting Room and make a video chat with a Vault Test Supervisor. As there are so many people taking tests, it may take some time to wait in the virtual queue. You will be guided by your test supervisor to ensure you complete the test correctly.

Use the prepaid packaging that came with the test to send the test off to a Vault laboratory in Minnesota or New Jersey. You will receive your test results via email within 24-48 hours after it arrives at Vault labs in Minnesota and New Jersey.