In the Coronavirus era, there are many problems like unemployment, the economy, loneliness, etc., which can lead to people getting depressed and at risk of committing suicide. Sometimes we don’t even realize that a bad decision affects the whole family and society. In fact, everyone faces challenges. We must face these challenges with a positive outlook. By changing the way we think about life, we can own and transmit positive energy.

Suicides are on the rise around the world. The WHO has dubbed depression a ‘global crisis’. People with deep stress tend to feel suicidal. They think that this is the only way to get rid of all their problems. According to an amendment, suicide is one of the 10 leading causes of death in India. According to the NCRB, the number of cases has increased by 17.3 per cent in the last 10 years. Life is precious. Once we stop breathing, there is no power in the world or any technology of science that can start it again. We are surrounded by different difficult situations like education, work pressure, unemployment, financial problems, loneliness, etc., which force a person to think of commiting suicide. The biggest cause of course is feelings of depression.

Show empathy for the mentally ill

Mentally ill people need more care and empathy than physical patients. People are reluctant to go to the doctor due to lack of awareness and because of stigma. This raises the chance of disease progression. In our country, 90 percent people never go to hospital for treatment of mental illness. If it is treated at the right time, the patient can recover.

Mental illness can cause death

The mentally ill begin to feel isolated from society. He does not behave like ordinary people. Loneliness and mental disorders increase the negative emotions in him. Numerous studies have shown that people with mental disorders are more likely to commit suicide.


Pharmacotherapy: The treatment of mental illness with drugs is called pharmacotherapy. Many modern medicines are very effective in stabilizing the brain and treating the patient accurately.

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy is commonly used to treat mental illness or emotional trauma. It involves a detailed study of the patient’s mental state. This is how the causes of the disease are determined. This therapy helps the patient to adapt to the situation and accept himself.

Behavior Therapy: This is a treatment for cognitive and behavioral disorders. This is done by observing the patient’s behavior and motivating him for normal behavior. The focus is on his symptoms.

Risk factors

– Mental illness and psychological problems.

– Physical abuse.

– Mental distress.

– Health problems.

– Family and financial problems.

– Being emotionally unbalanced.

– Accident or mental injury.

– Lack of family and social support.

**Be careful when having such symptoms


– Being sad and frustrated.

– Loss of interest in favorite things.

– Feeling short of energy.

– Separation from family members and friends.

– Poor study or work performance.

– Changes in eating habits.

– Repeated suicidal thoughts.

– Talking and thinking about different ways to commit suicide.

Connect emotionally with children

According to ICMR data, about 20-25 per cent of young people in India suffer from depression. If the depression is not deep and has been going on continuously for a year, it is called dysthymia. This lowers a child’s self-confidence and impairs their eating habits. It affects 10% of children who suffer from stress. Sometimes the pressure of studying, separation from parents, loneliness and emotional problems in children from small families increase. So stay emotionally attached to your children.

Make lifestyle changes

Eat a balanced diet: Just as the body needs nutrients, so does the brain need nutrients. Fresh fruits, whole grains are very beneficial for mental health.

Adequate rest is essential : Resting the  body is very important for mental health. Get enough sleep for 6-8 hours as the body needs it. Get 10-15 minutes of rest in the afternoon if you have time.

Exercise: Exercise at least 30 minutes every day to stay mentally and physically fit. The fitter you are, the better the level of endorphin hormone in your body.

Stay away from stress : Stress is the biggest enemy of our happiness. Constant stress can lead to suicide. To avoid this, keep busy in creative work to save yourself.

Spend time with nature : Don’t be confined. Spend some time with nature. Take a walk in a park near your home or office. This will increase the energy level and get vitamin-D from the sun.

Be social : Man is a social creature and he can be happy only in social life. Research shows that the more responsible a person’s social life, the better his or her mental health.

Accept yourself: Accept yourself as you are. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Love yourself and do not try to please others. Live a normal life.

The effect of thinking on mental health

The average person feels differently depending on the circumstances. Presents things in its own way. The problem is when a negative emotion becomes our habit. It has a profound effect on mental health.

Change these habits

Anger : Anger is a common emotion but it must be controlled. In anger we can do a lot of damage socially, personally and emotionally. People who get angry at what they say can have many psychological problems. It has been observed that many people take suicidal steps in anger.

Everyone in the world will certainly experience some fear. Excessive fear can also cause anxiety. If the symptoms of anxiety last for more than 6 months, the condition can become serious. In such cases, the specialist should be contacted.

Loneliness : There are times in life when you feel lonely. Symptoms include depression and a lack of interest in the task at hand. Be careful if this happens for days or months. In this case, keep yourself engaged in any creative work according to your hobbies.

Your conversation can save lives

No one commits suicide without a long build up. This idea has been going on in his mind for a long time. Often such thoughts are reflected in his words. In such a case, a conversation can save a person from committing suicide. It is very important to be aware of your mental health. Feel free to contact a psychiatrist if you feel that just talking will not solve the problem and the troubled person has gone into depression. Give the prescribed medicines on time, and try to give him a different environment.