Competition is fierce in the landscape of online business. Operating in the top tier means constantly offering new experiences and tech, but just as important are the promotions. With the right approach, promotions can cater to all sides of the audience, bringing in new customers and helping keep the old. Looking at how successful businesses achieve this task can help provide valuable insight into how your business could adopt similar approaches. Using online casinos as a baseline, we want to explore how the biggest in the industry manage, and what they offer that others don’t.

Taking from the Promotions of the Digital Casino Industry

The basis of casino bonuses for the biggest websites is the understanding that nothing is going to be the right fit for everyone. Take the casino promotions at Paddy Power, for example. Running today are four different promotions. One of these works with their live casino games, another gives deposit bonuses, while some focus on giving out different slot promotions. So, what do these mean for players?

bonus” (CC BY 2.0) by mikecohen1872

In the case of daily and weekly slot promotions, the bonuses apply to users who are active at certain times. Some customers like to play daily, in which case they’re covered. Others might only pop in once a week, with these players also being catered to.

For your business, this approach could manifest as weekly and monthly promotions. The daily/weekly model might prove a bit too fast-paced for most businesses, but extending the timeframe of the core idea could prove just as useful. Whether customers stop by on a Friday evening or wander by in their monthly digital travels, having something new to look at and save on is a great way to keep them coming back. For a demonstration, Wordstream has some popular options already listed.

Next up are the deposit bonuses. These work by giving out additional goods and services for any money a customer spends, essentially acting as a type of rewards program. In online casinos, these take the form of free spins. However, with your business, you’re free to change the idea for a better fit.

Cheetah Pizza loyalty card” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by dmuth

One of the most common ways businesses take this idea is through loyalty cards. Each low-cost service gives a stamp, and after nine stamps, the tenth one is free. It works for coffee, and it can be just as valuable for bringing customers back to your business. You can visit Sleeknote for some examples, or check out what others in your industry are doing.

Finally, the live casino games in these online casino promotions reach out by furthering the amount of choice that users have when it comes to their special bonuses. Though online casinos commonly offer hundreds of slot titles, live games include classic table games into this mix.

Letting people find bonuses by engaging more popular avenues demonstrates that a business understands the variation of customer tastes. While a good deal of might be happy to indulge in the common small things, promotions like these show the importance of casting as wide a net as possible, so every base is covered.

Though it might not be possible to translate every one of these ideas back to your business, they should at least give you some idea of how important different avenues can be. Whether you’re an online casino or a small goods store, many of the same concepts apply and can be leveraged for greater customer engagement. Take your time, think about how these ideas might apply to you, and you might be surprised by what you come up with.