From today Bitcoin has a market value of 55000 USD for a coin, and Dogecoin is not even dollar, Could Doge Reach 1000 This is a question that is on the mind of the majority of Crypto investors. Cryptocurrency is an effort by true creators of wealth to create a financial system with a lower control of the United States Government.

A reckless operation and ineffective services of finance all over the world prompted people to think about the mainstream currency deprived of government disturbances in the long run.

What is Dogecoin?

This is a virtual currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, started in 2013 and has a meme dog. The increase in the valuation of this currency has many investors discussing Could Doge Reach 1000 in years.

This digital currency is the brain of two Markus and Palmer software geniuses, which started him as a fun alternative to Bitcoin and many other false cryptokurbur after this time. Its value increased by more than 50% in the last month from USD 14 billion to USD 34 billion, which is about 20 billion dollars to net value.

Compared to Bitcoin is completely different because it has different functions and control compared to it. Ethereum is much closer to the dog on coin mining and market control.

Could Doge Reach 1000?

Bitcoin has a valuation of USD 55,000 for a coin, but Dogecoin is not even equal to one dollar, but it is still advertised as a potential cryptocrence of the future. The reason for the difference in the valuation of these currencies is a cap to its mining.

There are 18 million Bitcoin on the market with a cap of 21 million to 2040 at 500 billion allowances a year, Dogecoin will reach 150 billion units, and the price of $ 1,000 for a coin will make him 150 billion dollars, which will twice the size of the global economy.

Because the total value of the global economy is currently 87 billion dollars, Dogecoin can not reach the price level of 1000 dollars to the coin.

Why Could Doge Reach 1000 is not an option near future?

Bitcoin is a limited currency, and its circulation on the market is limited and will remain rare on time. There is no cap on Dogecoin mining, and 5 billion currency units can be added per year to ensure network security and encourage miner.

Because the global economy increases by 3.5 percent per year, and its value is about 85 trillion dollars now, 1000 dollars for the Dogecoin coin will exceed the value of the global economy by 50%, which is not possible.

Ultimate verdict:

ELON MUSK TWEET and a list of coins, replacement of cryptocurrency on NASDAQ, could have a large pushing to Dogecoin, but soon Could Doge Reach 1000 is soon on the mind of every investor. It is very impossible to achieve this character, but specific changes in mining capacity can make a trick.

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