Are you fed-up with the rats living in your kitchen and storeroom? Are you looking to eliminate these rodents from your kitchen or storeroom? There are many ways to get rid of rodents. Are you curious to verify the authenticity of before you try their mouse traps out? Check out this article.

This write-up will discuss the Review and the products. Additionally, we covered the brand’s legitimacy which will assist customers worldwide, particularly those from the United States.

What Is Costyb Com?, an electronic commerce site, sells mouse and rattraps as well metallic windmills. It also offers decorative items for doors. The trap is made up of a sliding lid which flips over and traps the rats in a bucket once they attempt to eat it after they have climbed the ramp. The lid will automatically reposition to allow the next rodent to fall into it. Continue reading for more information about this product as well as the reviews.


  • Price of Product – $19.99
  • Brand- Costyb
  • Dimensions in inches 12X12X3
  • and14 ounces in weight
  • Available Colors  Yellow, white and red
  • No Bucket
  • Material , Plastic
  • Contents in Package One flipping cover, one slide slab, two ramps and one instruction guide.
  • Manufactured in the United States


Consider the positive aspects of this rat trap.

  • Metal rat traps can cause harm to pets and toddlers.
  • The product can be set up anywhere you want, indoors or out.
  • After trapping the first rat, the lid resets automatically for the next.


For the Review, please consider the negative points about this item.

  • The mice are kept in the bucket, but they cannot be seen. It is not hygienic for their environment and unhygienic for anyone who does not check it often.
  • Because the bucket is not included with the package, the number and size of rats or mice will depend on the bucket’s dimensions. This does not increase the product’s effectiveness.
  • It flips open and allows the creature to escape. This is something you should know if you are thinking of buying the trap.
  • It is ethically unmoral to torture animals. There are two options: ultrasonic or medicinal pest control. These repellants produce certain vibrations which cause distress to animals and keep them away.

Is Costyb com Legit?

Let us get an even deeper understanding of the legality this brand. We have compiled the following details from our internet research.

  • Brand Name –Costyb
  • Brandage – Less Than Three Months; The website was created on 25th May 2021.
  • Brand Trust score –2%. This is a Very Bad Trust Score.
  • Contact Information Legality –An essential discovery apropos Review is the fact that the address and phone number listed in the brand platform belonged to another company located in a different part of the world. This number may be linked to dubious websites.
  • Customer reviews – These are available on the brand portal but may seem biased or false as they were copied from another source.
  • Social Media linking – A brand website is linked with the social media pages from another ecommerce portal. Therefore, we cannot find authentic buyers’ reviews.
  • Originality and Content – All web design elements, customer reviews, policy wordings, and the entire web design have been taken from another source.

These facts make it clear that the brand is not authentic. Review

Most of the reviews on this portal are 5-star with no criticism. Quora and Reddit do not recommend this brand’s products. This is a clear indication that this brand has just been launched and is potentially dangerous.


We do not recommend that you purchase this product from this manufacturer as it is not reliable. This was evident in our Review. Alternative to rat traps, electronic pest control is an option. It’s safer and more convenient than rat traps.

Are you familiar with this mousetrap? Share your experience with us in the comments below.