Hackers and scammers can easily lure people via the internet and online world. The scam is being circulated in Canada and the United States for several days. This is a text scam that entails more people falling for it.

We decided to share with you the Costco Text Scam and what you can do to avoid it. Don’t forget to check out the full details below.

What’s Costco?

Let’s first get a basic understanding of Costco before we go on to explain more about the scam. Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational corporation. It has operations in different countries. It is a retail unit that sells world-class products to members who have a membership.

It has been a popular medium for scams due to its popularity. In the next paragraphs, we will be describing it more. Continue reading to learn more.

What is the Scam?

It is also known as the Costco scam. Users receive a text message from Costco containing a receipt. It also lures users with the promise of an iPad or iPhone as a prize. Users can win the prize by participating in a draw that is organized by Costco. However, it is a scam text that has been around for over a year.

Additional Details About the Costco Text Fraud

Another variant of the text scam is where the user receives a text message saying that he has been awarded an Airpod. The message is attractive and most users fall for it. Users click on the link attached to the message.

Clicking on the link will also allow your details to be copied. This can then be used to obtain other credentials, which can be used to either clear your bank account or for other criminal purposes.

To avoid falling for scams, ensure you carefully review every word in the message.

How do I report a scam?

You need to be aware of the Costco Text Scam. The text message contains a link that does not look like it is from Costco. It does however highlight red flags that indicate a fake promotion.

Do not ignore to report scams via social media to avoid falling for them.

Final Conclusion

Be careful when clicking on any link in a message. Make sure to read all details before clicking on any link that looks suspicious. This article will provide information on Costco Text Fraud as well as tips on how to avoid falling for such scams.