When we talk about America, Los Angeles, New York or even other major states of the USA is what comes to our mind. But have you pondered about traveling to Central America? Yes, you heard it right! Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful places to explore in this part of the continent and thankfully, Costa Rica is one of them. To help you prepare your bucket list, I have created this Costa Rica travel guide consisting of all things you should know before tripping here.

By now you must be really excited to explore this country. So, think no more and take cheap flights to Costa Rica to make your journey even more memorable and most importantly, budget-friendly. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin our journey to explore Costa Rica and find out what things you can do when you visit here. 

Best Time To Visit

Planning a vacation is one thing. But do you know that visiting a place after checking weather conditions and best time is equally necessary? Yes, people you really need to check up on these things before planning Costa Rica tours, if you don’t want to end up getting wet or experience extreme hot/cold weather. 

Getting to the point, the best time to visit Costa Rica is around December and April, when the weather is subtle and pleasant. Further, I will also suggest you visit during May to June to experience the greener side of the country. 

How To Get Around

The foremost thing I learned during my trip to Costa Rica, was to look for public transport rather than renting a car or booking a cab. 

To be honest, I was a little dicey whether to hail a cab or ride in a bus, considering safety and hygiene. So I took a cab at first but since it was costing me too much($40), I ended up coming back to my hotel via bus. 

Even the travel experts say that buses are the most common public transport here and best to save Costa Rica travel costs. Additionally, there’s no official bus network in the country, but there’s nothing to worry about as the transport is completely safe and offers a ride to every Costa Rican destination for about ($14). 

What To Do In Costa Rica

*Arenal Volcano National Park

If I say that a kid’s drawing of a symmetrical cone comes to life at this national park then believe me it really does. What I really mean is that Arenal Volcano is truly incredible and one of the best places to travel in Costa Rica. You can observe this volcano from a distance or can get closer where you’ll find a plethora of lush forest bustling with wildlife, and tons of adventurous activities(horse riding, hiking trails, hanging bridges, hot springs and more). 

*La Fortuna Waterfall

 We all love playing around and getting wet near a chilling waterfall and La Fortuna isn’t an exception. Besides, it is a popular waterfront site crowded with plenty of tourists and locals relaxing, chilling out and even clicking pictures. Here’s a thing you can do here- take a horse ride or a hiking trail (whichever you like), and then get down near the waterfall which is, FYI, 230ft (70m) tall. To buckle up the experience, you will find toucans, butterflies, monkeys, and sloths. 

*Catalinas Islands 

Looking for a scuba diving spot? Well, good for you, because you’ll find the best scuba diving experience at Catalinas Islands. Additionally, the island is nestled in the northwest region of the country. Now, if you’re wondering about marine life, then you won’t be disappointed. As a part of the diving tour you can observe a variety of rays, colorful fishes, sea turtles, sharks including the great white, and of course, whales. Overall, this island is incredible and hence made up its space in the Costa Rica travel guide.

Best Hotels In Costa Rica 

*Hotel Casa Carlota 

Address: 857 V +36J, Provincia de Guanacaste, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Prices: $65

Contact: +506 8829 7376

Amenities: Garden, terrace, outdoor pool(year-round), air-conditioned rooms, free WiFi, and parking. 

*La Sabana Hotel

Address: 150 metros norte de Restaurante Rostipollos, C. 48, San José, 10105, Costa Rica

Prices: $78

Contact: +506 2220 2422

Amenities: Self-catering accommodation, free WiFi, complimentary breakfast, and an outdoor pool.

*Hotel La Puerta del Sol

Address: La Chorrera, 200 N 75 E de Zi Lounge Guanacaste Playas del Coco, 50503, Costa Rica

Prices: $106

Contact: +506 2670 0195

Amenities: In-house restaurant, free parking, outdoor swimming pool, and a bar/lounge.

Top Dishes To Try In Costa Rica 

*Gallo Pinto

Despite the meaning of gallo pinto(spotted chicken), you won’t find any ounce of meat or rooster in this dish. Instead, it is prepared with an incredible mix of beans and rice with added flavors of Costa Rica.

*Tres Leches

As a part of this Costa Rica travel guide, I had to include this one. Okay it may be a dessert but definitely have to try it out when you visit here. Surprisingly, the dish isn’t part of Costa Rica yet became a phenomenal part of the country’s traditional cuisine. This dessert is basically a vanilla sponge cake topped with whipped cream.


It might just be served during lunchtime, but you can also have it for dinner or whenever you like, considering it’s a scrumptious one. The main ingredients of the dish are rice, beans and salad but you can also pair it up with meat or fish as per your choice.

Blog’s Takeaway

If you’re reading this then congrats! You are now an expert and know everything this place offers. Besides, learn from my mistakes and consider saving money wherever you can if you really want to shop big at the end of your trip. So, bookmark this Costa Rica travel guide, and save it for the time you visit this beautiful country.