There has been a constant effort to create a formula and standardise the cost of video production. All these brave attempts have their limitations. There are two approaches to cost planning a video shoot. One is to think of a concept and then budget it for whatever is required. Two, think of a budget that one wants to spend and then retro-fit what can be achieved in that constraint. 

There is a third option which is to engage with a competent corporate video production company in Sydney. They will be able to provide a creative solution that can satisfy all the requirements of the video.

What is the meaning of ‘creative solution’? To understand this, we will peruse the aspects and components that go into video production. Broadly speaking there are 4 components, 

1) Concept of the video 

2) Pre- Production 

3) Production or The Shoot 

4) Post Production. 

There are many kinds of videos that a company may need for promotions. There are Corporate videos, Social Media Videos, Testimonial Videos, Major Event videos, Professional Service Video and LinkedIn videos. All of them have different narratives, functions, and styles. 

Concept Of Video:

The trick is to create a great concept is to be crystal clear about the concept. At the concept stage, one has to decide on 

a) unique selling proposition of the product or service
b) focus on the need to make the video
c) intended audience
d) medium of dissemination of video.

A script or shooting flow is drafted using the answers to the above queries. Reference videos and pictures are selected to decide on the visuals. The look and feel in the video should be finalised from the referenced videos. One needs to work at this stage by imagining the end result. Video production experts can assist in helping you visualise the final output. 

If this stage is planned and executed well then, the rest of the stages become relatively easy. This leads to getting a smart professional video at significantly less cost. This process will bring forth a sort of blueprint for subsequent stages. 

There are many variables that can impact the cost of the video. The production company may procure equipment and props more than necessary so that they may not fall short in an unforeseen circumstance. 

Meticulous planning and clarity of vision are required to turn out a great video at a reasonable cost. A resourceful Video Production Company in Sydney can do the job efficiently.


The pre-production team works on the script/flow/blueprint that has emerged from the concept stage. There should be a low possibility of the pre-prod team having doubts or confusion. Cost of a video can escalate only because of lack of clarity. 

When there is ambiguity then one may order extra stuff to factor for lack of clarity. Extra lights, props, vehicles, or more trips and bad logistics can jack up the budget of a disorganised shoot plan. Video production in Sydney can be an organised affair when you get the right team.

The Shoot

Depending on the kind of video one is producing the shoot Day experience can be interesting for the client. A good video production manager initiates the client and participants with a clear brief of the days happening and expectations from all partakers. This brief brings about relief to the anxious participants who may have not done this ever before. 

People getting interviewed or demonstrating a product or explaining a business plan all them feel relaxed and calm. The shooting goes on smoothly. A smooth shooting is good as the chances of cost escalation are nullified. Finishing the shoot in the budgeted hours is the most critical thing. 

This can be achieved by having an experienced video production company in Sydney.

Post Production:

This is the process of editing the recorded videos got from the shooting and arranging them in the sequence that was decided in the script/flow. At this stage, most of the elements (editing, colour grading, sound mixing) have fixed budgeted costs and escalation is a remote possibility. There are some elements here that are variable. 

The video may require commentary, original music, graphics, and special effects. These functions are done by individuals who are artists in their own right. The difference in Artist’s fees can be quite wide apart. It depends on their proficiency and talent but largely it is subjective.  A competent video production company uses its experience to choose the talent that is adequate for the video. 

Taking a talent which is very good but, in this scenario, it is not required then it means wasting money. Inspired Music and graphics can also be sourced from stock libraries. 

This cannot be termed as penny-pinching it is just being prudent in deploying resources. The video production company provides a few versions of the edited video to the client. The client can deliberate on the video and its impact by showing it to the responsible people in their team. The video production budget has factored in two revisions from the client. That means there can be two rounds of asking for changes in the edited video. 

Now the final video masters are created in the formats that are required for all the media that will play the video for promotions. This is the end of the video production process and the video masters are delivered to the client.

What is clear in the entire journey of producing a great video is that great planning and clarity of vision translates into great-looking videos for a reasonable cost. A proficient video production company in Sydney should know the secret mantra of successful client video. The mantra is “make the video look like a million-dollar, but spend only quarter million”. Since the most critical and hidden component of a good video is the creatives of the video. Creativity can be enhanced without escalating the cost. The right people from the video production company in Sydney can do it for you.