Do you know about the most recent launch of NFT? No matter if it’s an art piece or an activity, NFT seems to be the future of collecting in this digital age. Are you aware of people around the world who are willing to spend money to get on the forefront of the trends list?

Have you heard of the Cosmic Labs duck group? If not, let us inform you that people from all over all of the United States are thrilled about the launch on the Cosmic Labs’s new NFT. In today’s conversation, we’ll learn more details about this project.

And, by the way Do have you a clue exactly what NFT does?

Non-Fungible tokens, also known as NFT, are modern digital assets expanding exponentially with the expansion in the world of metaverse. Digital assets could be images, videos games, items for gaming or any other form of manga, art, or whatever you want to imagine.

Naturally in the time of the pandemic there was an increase of NFT trading. However, in 2015 , the very first NFT project was announced as element of the Ethereum blockchain network. NFT simply means it can’t be replaced, however it is possible to trade and sell on the cryptocurrency marketplace.

What is Cosmic Labs NFT?

Cosmic labs can be described as an NFT building project that was created by project leader Edgar Castellanos and assistant Priscilla Corona. Furthermore the project is supported by Roni Qanawati, web designer; Camilo Baez, community moderator, as well as Meaghan Doherty, artistor designer.

These NFT collections will be a part of the metaverse and become more scarce as they are released. Every day, NFT will generate $Cosmic Tokens that you could earn by placing bets.

For instance, there’s an array of cosmic ducks that can hold 8000 as well as 4000 of Drop #3 of supplies from Cosmic Genesis and many more. There are basically two Cosmic Labs NFT one of which is Cosmic Genesis and the other one is Cosmic Ducks. For more information:

Cosmic Genesis:

It contains 1,000 different animated ducks that reside in the Omnia Galaxy. The ducks are restricted and redeemable within the Cosmic Ecosystem. In addition, each duck will generate 20 $Cosmic Tokens every day.

Cosmic Ducks:

It includes 8000 unique ducks that live within the Lux metaverse of the Cosmic ecosystem. Additionally, each one will generate five $Cosmic Tokens every day.

How do you distinguish in Cosmic Genesis and Cosmic Ducks?

Then, in Cosmic Labs, NFT, Genesis is only 1000 but are huge and provide higher rewards.

As per OpenSea the data include:

All items 9000

Owners at present: 3.5K

Floor price: 0.208 E

Volume traded 1.8K

More detail:

Market Cap: $1492439

24hrs Sales Volume: 1,517.57 ETH


What does the price of every Genesis Duck and Cosmic Ducks cost?

Every Genesis Duck and Cosmic Duck will be worth 0.05 Ether.

The number Ducks can you collect?

You can get four Genesis Ducks per wallet, while you can get 20 Cosmic Ducks are available per wallet.

What number of $Cosmic Tokens could you make from them?

Genesis Ducks and Cosmic Ducks will be rewarded with 280 tokens and 70 tokens, respectively.


Cosmic Labs NFT was sold 6725 times during the past seven days, with a volume of $7.79M and the average cost of a lab was $1.2k in accordance with NFT statistics. We hope that now you are aware of the project.