Are you a huge lover of Samurai? Since the beginning of time, Japan introduced its warriors as Samurai and ever since everyone around the world has started enjoying their idea. However, we have some new and exciting news to you who love Samurai prints. stores across Canada, the United States, Canada as well as Canada, and United Kingdom have released samurai print tees.

However, you should always read reviews to ensure yourself that the store you are shopping at is completely free of any kind of shady practices. It is essential to verify all authentic points before you purchase.

Short description of

It is a well-known online store that offers printed t-shirts as well as other graphic t-shirts. The store is famous because of its samurai selection. If you’re looking for a particular product from the store, put it in your cart. The store offers a fantastic assortment of these items:

  • Bruce Lee printed tees
  • Bottom wear like joggers
  • Hoodies, hats, caps
  • Wrist band, phone cases
  • Stickers

These items are sure to entice you , but do you know: Is Legit? We have to tell you every single detail of this site. The most crucial information is authenticity details, which will give you the exact image of the business. Beware of fraud-prone site.

Specifications of

  • Buy bruce lee printed t-shirts from
  • The email address of is [email protected].
  • The address details, and telephone number were missing in the layout of this website.
  • There is no information on the return policy or refund policy, exchange or shipping policy.
  • We did not find one Review listed below the reviews review section of this site. Additionally, there were none of the relevant reviews on other review sites we could find.
  • The website didn’t mention any payment options in any area.
  • The date of the shipment is mentioned in the product descriptions.

Highlights positive

  • The email address is listed.
  • Https protocol detected.

Negative Highlights

  • There are no reviews of their collection are posted on their website.
  • Poor and incoherent design of the site
  • A website was discovered on social media, however there were many negative reviews.
  • The rating on social media sites appears to be fake.
  • There were no proper guidelines for refunds or returns were provided.

Is True ?

The most anticipated part of this article can be found here and we will reveal all the legal information about The store’s goal is to offer the highest quality products to their customers. However, the question is: do they offer the product via legal channels. Some websites employ illegal and unlawful methods. Therefore, it is important to go through this section carefully.

  • Registration of Domains 29th February, 2016 is the date for enrollment of
  • Registration:, LLC is the registrar for
  • The Trust Score The trust score of 86%, which is an excellent score.
  • buyer’s reaction There aren’t any reviews discovered in the archive of this website. In addition, there was no information relevant on a variety of review sites was found to be missing.
  • Social Pages We discovered an account on Facebook with good ratings however, we found mixed reviews from customers review.
  • Data security This site provides the safe transmission of data using the Https protocol.
  • privacy policy Some of the policies listed are excellent, however many other policies such as return, refund were not included.

Based on our study of the authenticity of this website We found lots of information that we shared with you. It’s up to the buyers to be attentive. They must study these terms in full focus to ensure that no seller will betray you at any price. Reviews

Based on our study on this site we discovered email address details however, there was no phone numbers or locations that were found in their layout. Additionally, there were no reviews on their site, however, there was one site on social media platforms that had high ratings, however the reviews were not all positive from the clients, with some saying that they disliked the style of the material, while certain people loved their product, such as thephone accessories. There were many policies that were not in place which makes it a suspect site.

Final Verdict

According to reviews We found that the site has a long-lasting life of over two years, meaning that it’s been around for an extended period of time. We can inform you that its trust rating is higher than the average.