Have you ever heard about “cooler” in a gambling sphere? Have you ever played and win several times before a person sat next to you and your luck seems to be sucked from the air? Today we are going to discuss “coolers” in casinos. They are common people. They are so unlucky that your luck stops too. In most cases, they are the certain casino staff. They don’t interfere with the gambling session. Moreover, they don’t need to talk with a player to achieve the goal. If you know casinos that use a cooler, it’s better to avoid them. In this article, to answer the question “What is a cooler in a casino?” we will be helped by Tiffany Cutting, author of the Slotsspot web project.

Gambling Legend

Casino coolers are mythological beings. They are something like dragons. They should save casinos money and do everything to make this mission possible. It is considered to think that there are no coolers and land-based or online casinos (just imagine this situation, when you quietly choose from an archive of free no download slots online on your smartphone, and a stranger moves his finger on the screen and prevents you from clicking on the button or link… It’s insane!). The reason for it is that the idea to stop lucky players sounds ridiculous.

The basic problem is that the idea is rather stupid but casinos really can use coolers. People believe in luck while playing gambler games. So, failure exists too and it can be materialized in unsuccessful people.

This is something like the struggle between scientists and UFOlogists. They both have a lot of arguments but nobody can give some proves. As a result, some gamblers believe in the legend and others know about it but play as coolers do not exist.

There are a lot of stories online about their winning gambling sessions. But they started to lose suddenly. They can be a cooler’s victim. It is better to study the stories to know more about coolers and ways of their identification.


Have you ever seen the movie “The Cooler” with William H.? His name was Bernie Lootz in the film. It is an unlucky man who has done several wrong choices. As a result, he had to return money to a Shangri-La casino boss (Shelly Kaplow played by Alec Baldwin). The boo could help to stop playing gambling games. The medicine was the shoot into the kneecap.

The boss solved to make Bernie work. The man was so unlucky that it was a chance to try him in the gambling sphere. So, the person had to be with lucky players to decrease their odds to win. So, Bernie became a cooler.

Everything was perfect for a long time but Bernie fell in love with a cocktail waitress. It has changed the situation. This movie about love but some gamblers can see here the outside of the gambling sphere. Gambling houses don’t like when players win a lot and they try to decrease their odds.

Many people believe that Las-Vegas casinos use coolers. Just try to talk with a gambler about the people. They can tell you a lot of stories about their lucky day that was finished without any wins. Moreover, it is possible to read the stories online on different forums. There are no proves that coolers exist, that’s why everybody should solve whether it is a legend or real persons who decrease odds of active players. You can find more information about myths like the coolers from casino movies below.

Some Movie Myths About Casinos

Some people know about casinos just due to films but there are several myths. If you are going to play online or in a land-based casino, it’s better to know the following information.

  1. There are no coolers in the casino staff. Just imagine the situation that you have an unlucky day and somebody wins a lot. You are so jealous that you want to lose to this person. Can you transfer your failure to the person while sitting next to him? We believe that it is impossible to do. So, the movie “The cooler” is just a fairy tale, don’t believe in it and play gambling games you like.
  2. Modern casinos don’t belong to the mafia. There are a lot of films where gambling clubs belong to the mafia but the tendency was broken. Modern houses work legally. They have a license. Moreover, the companies pay taxes in compliance with the law. They have great income and part of it they spend to different social programs, education development, and so on. So, don’t believe that you invest mafia if you play gambling games. Conversely, you take part in the development of some social spheres.
  3. There are many movies that show that security can beat and even kill somebody for scamming. In reality these are common people who follow the law. Moreover, they can’t beat somebody. The only thing they will do is remove from the casino building and do not allow to go inside anymore. Sure, all chips would be withdrawn. If the scammer will file a lawsuit because of violence, the person will lose because violence is forbidden in casino and all security actions are recorded to cameras.
  4. Do you remember films about James Bond. He likes poker and often wins. Moreover, the 007 agent could gather really great combinations like flush, full house, straight flush several times in a row. T is impossible to do in the real life. Such combinations are available but not so often. Even gamblers with a great experience can’t repeat the games of James Bond. So, if you play poker, don’t believe that you could win a lot of money several times. Moreover, there are no bets about 40 million dollar.

Remember the myths and don’t let movies create a misconception about gambling.


Gamblers like poker and they believe that it is possible to count in the game. So, poker player really know several facts that are even more interesting and offensive than the cooler activity. If you have a strong combination, you will try to loot maximum. But it is necessary to play carefully to make all players believe that you are not sure in your win. Otherwise they will fold the cards. So, the gambling session s going on and stakes are increasing. It’s time to open the cards and you are waiting to be sure that you could win. What? It’s impossible! Somebody else have a better combination and you lose a lot of money! Unfortunately, it’s the real true of poker and coolers don’t affect the process at all.

The luck of the draw is very important in poker. If you have good cards, your odds will increase. You can’t earn much on one bluff several times in a row.


It is a disputable theme about cooler’s existence in gambling. Some people believe in them and they don’t like when somebody else sits next to them. But it sounds reasonable to have an unlucky staff. The people should stop winning combinations.

According to reviews, many gamblers don’t believe in casino coolers but they wrote about other people. They stay next to them and trying to distract from the gambling process. They are in land-based casinos and such people are not staff only. Talking about the staff, these are waitress. But the people can be opponents’ friends. The only rule of experienced players is to play and ignore other people during the gambling session. It will help to attract good luck and increase odds.