Explanation of terms:

The Shaker acrylic keychain is a kind of scene pendant, which can be used as a hand-held decompression toy. It is made of multi-layer acrylic, and the small pieces in the scene can be loaded in the middle space warehouse, which can move and slide freely in the warehouse.

Production process:

We print, film, cut the shape (die cutting, machine cutting), and then we package

Main purpose:

Animation fans collection, wholesale and retail, participating in exhibition sales, gifts.

Specification and size:

The minimum size is unlimited, and the maximum is a 19*28cm rectangle. The conventional size is 10 * 10cm. The diameter of small parts in the warehouse ranges from 0.8cm to 2cm. So we ensure that the warehouse space can accommodate all small pieces.


Transparent Acrylic


Double-sided printing. It can be printed in different patterns on both sides.

Image Requirements:

Above 300 resolutions, JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF all formats are OK. Shaker acrylic keychains and serial/parallel keychains can design artwork as the following:(several small acrylic parts can be put together in one file)

Delivery Time:

3-10 days

Packaging Method:

OPP bag


You can choose the accessory as you wish. There are over 30 kinds of cute accessories for you.


  • There may have some offset printing on the transparent edge, which is an inevitable phenomenon in current production.
  • In the production process, it is necessary to leave about 1mm. The picture requires 300 resolution and 1000 pixels or more,  CMRK color mode, and the vector original manuscript is better.
  • Tips: The size reported by the customer service is the physical size (based on the length of the physical side)

Vograce Introduction

You can purchase acrylic charm, keychains, standees, badges, and more from Vograce. All can be custom-made including images, sizes, colors, shapes, accessories, and packages. Vograce has a factory with professional pieces of equipment and about 200 employees. High quality and fast delivery are ensured.

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