How to convert youtube to MP4 safe for free with YTMP3.CH?

Watching youtube videos is a brilliant way to relax and pass the time at home. Unfortunately, the internet is not available. Stream your favourite tv programme on youtube. The unavailability of the internet can put you in a sad moment.

  If you want to enjoy all your youtube videos anywhere and at any time, then here comes the youtube to mp4 Converter. You can convert youtube to mp4, and it will save on your phone or your laptop. So later, you can watch all those videos where the internet is nonexistent, or the speed is not good enough.

How to use youtube to mp4 Converter?

  1. Copy a youtube URL in the input box
  2. Click Convert to begin analysing the process of the video
  3. Choose mp3 or mp4 from the displayed board and click on the Download button
  4. Your selected youtube video will shortly be yt converted to mp4 video.

Free youtube mp3 to ytmp4 online

  1. Support all types of web browsers:
  •   Youtube to mp4 Converter supports rip videos to mp4 format.
  • It also formats audio from various websites like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, youtube and many more.
  • You may choose any browser to open, like Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.
  1. Easy to use:
  • YTMP4Converter makes the conversion process very easy.
  • Convert videos to MP4 with MP4 Converter using a straightforward UI.
  • So all the users have to relax when they stay here.
  • You are only required to follow the three steps-
  1. Paste youtube URL
  2. Tap on Convert
  3. Choose Format and Resolution
  • Youtube MP4 Converter never lets you fail.

     3. Speedy in Ripping mp3 to mp4:

  • Youtube mp4 converter adopts advanced technology to prepare you to save time.
  • It is the best choice to convert mp3 to mp4 format.
  • The delicate technology makes it simple to work fast, even with the high definition quality.
  • You must copy the link and paste it into the input box. 
  • There is no need for registration or sign-in problems.
  • It is online and has no hassle.

   4.   Convert mp3 to mp4 in HD quality

  • If the video you want to convert into mp4 is available in1080p, then you can convert mp3 to mp4 HD at no cost with this mp4 HD Converter.
  • You can convert any video without changing the quality.

   5. Choose different resolutions

  • Conversion can be possible in different resolutions like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, in order to supply the demand of the user.
  • Downloading youtube videos is not a problem for anyone.

6. No software or plugin need

  • The plugin is not required when a user wants to convert mp3 video to mp4 video.
  • Feel free to use Youtube Downloader.
  • It will help you fast the conversion process and maintain premium quality.

7. Using a free safe youtube to mp4 converter

  • These free Converts provide the highest quality YTmp3,youtube to mp4 video to all the users.
  • It uses advanced technology in the conversion process and Youtube Downloader


  •  yt converted to mp4 is free and easy to handle with high-quality output.
  •  Considering this as the best choice to convert youtube to mp4.
  • The developer tries hard to make the tools easy to use and straightforward.
  • This tool is the best of all converter tools.
  • There are three ways to use convert youtube to mp4, like
  1. Online youtube to mp4 converter


  • Compatible with all the device
  • Easy to access
  • Do not require any installation
  • Do not take space of your device
  • Mainly free of cost


  • Shortage of unlimited output
  • Lack of variation in resolution and quality
  • Pop up the problem of some unauthorised product
  • There is no advanced feature
  1. Software or APP


  • Robust features with a different mode, mainly in a stable form
  • It supports more formats
  • It offers more resolution and quality option


  • It requires a storage space
  • It is not free of cost
  • Some of them are not easy to handle
  1. Browser Extension


  • More convenient
  • Generally free of cost
  • It won’t take a storage space


  • Limited to using one browser
  • It is not so stable
  • It can generate and track your net histories and cookies
  • Minimal options for quality, resolution and format.

Limit of files while converting the mp3 to mp4

   There is no limit to the files when you want to convert mp3 to mp4. Conversion is straightforward and very intuitive,

   Desktop programs need more analysing of URLs and conversations. You can save the playlist also in one click. Just download a software and paste the URL of your video. Then you can keep the whole playlist on your device.

Do we face copyright problems?

No, you can’t face the copyright problem. You have to ensure that converters are not under copyright protection whenever you ask, and you should not use the conversion video for any other commercial purpose.

 YouTube converted to mp4 always try to make an effort to boost up the conversion process and make the video conversion as fast and easy as possible.