Are you having trouble viewing a particular WEBM file, and you need a format that will work on your device, or do you want to convert a WEBM video into an MP4 file format without knowing how to go about it? One of the surest ways to easily access a WEBM file is by converting it to mp4. While it might sound very technical, it is actually easy to achieve. If you still find it quite technical, don’t fret, as this article will provide all the necessary details, including how to convert from WEBM to mp4 for free online and the best tools to use. Let’s jump to it.


It is no news that a lot of people who may have had an encounter with a WEBM file format don’t actually know what it is. If you have made use of any streaming services and decided to record the audio and video, then you have most likely come across the WEBM format. By definition, WEBM files are basically recordings of video and audio streams.

What is the difference between WEBM and MP4?

There is no doubt that over the years, mp4 has become a commonly used format, especially when saving, creating, or viewing video files on your personal computer or laptop. Generally, you will discover that all files are usually saved in an mp4 format. This is because mp4 is a much more common and friendly user format for most typical PCs and devices.

However, the major question here is what are the core differences between the two file types. The technical answer to that question generally revolves around the codecs used. MP4 uses an H.264 format, while the WEBM is based on the VP8 and VP9 differences. However, and in retrospect, the significant difference between the two types of files generally points to the fact that MP4 files are much more suited and supported by numerous computers and devices, which is a significant reason why it is much more suitable to convert a file your WEBM file to MP4.


There are numerous options available to convert WEBM files to PM4 format, including software programs as well as paid and free online converters. While it has already been established that there are various conversion tools available to get the job done; however one of the easiest ways of converting a WEBM to mp4 is by using a free online tool.

It is no exaggeration to say that there are thousands of free online tools available, but the essential question that needs to be answered here is how to determine which one is legit, which is fake and which is sure to get the job done with little to no effort. Well, no need to worry as we have made your job easier by doing all the work for you. Below are some of the best free online conversion tool that can easily convert WEBM files to MP4 as well as how to use them and they include;


If you are looking for a free online conversion tool that is guaranteed to get the job done, then look no further than Evano. As earlier implied, this online tool is free to use, plus it easily converts your WEBM files to MP4 format with no stress and little effort. The process is simple, straightforward, fast, and all you are required to do is;

Step 1: Load Evano’s online page

Step 2: Select the WEBM to MP4 convert option from the list of conversion options available.

Step 3: Choose and upload the WEBM file that you wish to convert

Step 4: Select MP4 as the format you want to convert your WEBM file to

Step 5: Select the “convert” option in other to convert your WEBM file

Step 6: After the conversion is complete, you can now choose to download your converted video.

With Evano, everything is simple and straightforward, plus you get to enjoy all these perks and benefits without having to spend a dime. In addition, there is the availability of subscribing to Evano’s paid plan, that is, if you have excess workload and you are seeking to access more features in other to lighten the burden.

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Ontiva is often regarded as one of the most efficient online conversion tools, not to forget that it provides users with all the software features free of charge. The conversion process only requires few clicks and other basic steps, which include;

Step 1: Load Ontiva’s online page

Step 2: Copy the URL of the video you wish to convert

Step 3: Paste the URL in the space provided at the top of Ontiva’s online page

Step 4: There are various video formats available provided by Ontiva, such as FLAC, MKV, AVI, amongst others, so all you have to do is select the format you want.

Step 5: Select the “convert” option in other for the process to start, after which you can now proceed to download the video once it has been completed.

As simple as ABC, five easy steps to follow. Ontiva does all the work and lets you reap the benefit, plus you can also subscribe to ontiva’s other features as long as you satisfy all the requirements.


Another efficient online converter is “Mp3download”. This online platform may not be able to convert your WEBM videos to mp4 format, but it is, however, capable of converting videos to an audio format. By following some basic steps and with a few clicks, your converted content is readily made available in seconds. This can be easily achieved by;

Step 1: Copy the URL of your selected video

Step 2: load the mp3downlaod online page

Step 3: paste the video URL in the space provided on the platform

Step 4: Select the conversion format, after which the converted content will be made available for you to download.  

Converting files from one format to another has never been so effortless as mp3download exposes you to a process that is so swift and convenient.

In reality, once you have the proper tools, it requires little to usually no effort to convert your WEBM videos to mp4. Irrespective of which tool you choose to use from the options above, you are sure to achieve your desired result.

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