Fashion and accessories always change to show the evolution of man. And incorporating the old trends in a new way is one tendency of fashion that is frequently seen. One such thing is the signet ring, and it has made an applaudable come back to the most fashionable of designs and styles.

The sport of wearing a women’s or men’s silver signet ring can change the whole fashion statement of people. Signet rings have also become a tool for recognition among groups and ideologies. They are also worn by freemasons, representing the trade they are in. Moreover, certain rings are worn by members of certain education and religious groups, sports team members, and they can carry an exclusive individual insignia.

This article will elaborate on the few things that need to be understood about signet rings.

What Exactly Is a Signet Ring?

They were exclusive rings used by aristocratic men of ancient times to prove their authenticity. They were used as a signature and seals on wax pressed on important documents. In the olden days, illiteracy was a very common thing and, for the majority of people, these rings struck the meaning more than a written signature. And any documents were made official using the signet ring as the seal.

Types of Signet Rings and Their Significance

There are different designs at present, and they include an engraved crest, monograms, intaglios, and inset gemstones. The meaning each ring carries can also be different. For example, the one with a crest on them can symbolise family and closeness. Meanwhile, the crest of any society or institution engraved on the ring can emphasise belonging to any particular group.

Some even have designs that bear personal identifications or even marital relations. Also, the women’s signet ring emphasises the break from tradition as it is not usual in the past, and it represents modernity and equality among the people.

Choices and Designs

There are various choices for the buyers when it comes to signet rings. The basic one can be a simple blank metal angle which is similar to the earlier ones. Besides, signet rings with engraving and symbols on them are one of the traditional ways to design a ring. The modern design itself provides the option of many metals to choose from in the first place. Many precious and semiprecious stones can also be used to make them which gives them a very personal identity.

On Which Finger Do You Wear a Signet Ring?

Traditionally, a signet ring is worn on the pinkie finger of the non-dominant hand. For a leftie, the signet ring is worn off the pinkie of the right hand. However, the influence of different places also acts as a deciding factor to wear them. And some even wore them, stacking them over their wedding rings.

In the present, the signet rings carry a purely different meaning, while in the earlier times, there was only the men’s silver signet ring. The whole idea of the ring has also changed, as now it is something very personal to be worn, and most of them are even customised to suit the requirements of the individual.

However, there are no rules to follow now, and the person wears it on the most comfortable finger they choose. Nevertheless, the purpose of the signet rings is to establish identity, and therefore, many suggest that they should be worn out to face the world. However, it also depends on the individual comfort and their choice to wear.