The given is a guide on how to build a PC online. With this guide, you can make a gaming PC easily. Before starting working on building a PC online, you should read all the manuals.


Firstly make sure you assemble PC on a smooth exterior and not on a carpet, as it can cause danger. You can place the motherboard on a flat surface or on top of the packaging box.


In this, you need to open the CPU socket. You can do it but pull out the tray after pushing it down—the small indents on the CPU board help line up the CPU board. Gently place the CPU in the socket, close the tray and lock the metal arm.

Install M.2 SSD(s)

Manual of motherboard will help you know about which slot to use first. Firstly there might be thermal guards on slots for protection that you should remove. Insert slot M.2 SSDs in the motherboard’s respective slots by applying a bit force on it. By pushing the SSD down, screw them each.

Install the RAM

Manual will help in the installation of RAM in the motherboard. For only two sticks of RAM, you can go for two consecutive slots. Apply force to insert RAM after flipping down plastic clips on slot sides.


Before injecting the motherboard in the case, screw some deadlock pins. You’ll place the motherboard on these standoff screws. There should be some space for the motherboard’s I/O ports to fit into the case’s back. When everything fits perfectly, then start screwing the motherboard on standoff screws in the case.

Power Supply

After selecting the PSU fan orientation, screw the case’s mounting support over the rear of the PSU. If you hold places for PSU, you can screw it after plugging in several cords.


If there’s an SSD, it’s time to connect the drive. You should possess any specific space for these drives in your gaming PC when you assemble PC. Use two metal pins, press these hooks and pick the bay out. You need to enter the bay into its place. Plug the PSU and SSD into the hard drive. You need to plug the wires’ sides in the SATA slot and the power supply.

Case, and power supply

Plug the cables in the motherboard with orientation. You should consult the manual for this step too. If your motherboard comes with a bus, it’s good as it makes it easy to insert the case wires in motherboards. Nothing will happen if you press the key without plugging these wires and PSU in the motherboard. Secure the 24-pin ATX and EPS12V cords into their corresponding spots on the motherboard and PSU. You need to plug all of the power cords into the PSU.

CPU cooling system

Firstly you need to mount the bracket to the motherboard. With the motherboard tray’s back, you get the spots needed to set the cooler’s pump onto the CPU and motherboard. Figure out where you want to install the CPU cooling systems into your case’s top grill. If there’s no top grill, install it on the back of the case. Screw the radiator into the grill and then attach the pump. Some come with thermal paste; if not, you can get some thermal paste to apply on the cooler. Into the CPU center, apply a pea-sized glob of thermal paste. There’s a need for pressing, which will orient the cooler rightly into its position on the CPU and thermal paste. Wipe thermal paste with a dry cloth if you applied too much. Make sure that wires are on the right spots.

Cable management

Do cable management to get space for air circulation and accessing the components.

Graphics card

There are many expansion slots on the back of the case. You need to remove some of them and figure out the slot needed. After this, you need to lineup the card with a slot by flipping the notch downward. Click sound tells that you rightly lined it up with the slot. Screw graphics card’s mounting brackets into the case. Give power to the graphic card.

Install your OS

Plug HDMI cable with monitor and PC and power cable with outlet and PSU. Turn on the power switch, and you’re ready.

Conclusion: There are a lot of PC Building tools available on the internet PC Konfigurator, one of them where you can select your specific brand and computer components to build your dream gaming rig.

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