When it comes to concrete construction, formwork has become a necessity. There are two basic types of concrete formwork. Engineered concrete formwork is typically made of steel, while basic concrete formwork is constructed of timber. There are also other materials that can be used in the creation of formwork. Construction foremen must be aware of the benefits of using formwork so they will be prepared to take action and begin implementing new strategies. 

Benefits of Concrete Formwork

There are many benefits of using Formwork by Doka on concrete construction. Concrete construction companies must be aware of the benefits so they will know if this type of formwork will help them in their day-to-day construction processes. The following are the top benefits of using concrete formwork. 

Formwork Can Be Used Infinitely

As long as concrete formwork is designed, constructed, and used properly, it will continue to be used limitless times. Most formwork manufacturers state formwork can be used up to 3,000 times before needing to be replaced. 

Formwork Can Be Resold

Formwork does not lose its value when it is maintained properly. Construction companies will find they can make a high profit if they no longer need their formwork and choose to sell it after a project. 

Formwork Can Be Purchased Used

Construction crews will find they can save a lot of money by purchasing used formwork. As stated above, used formwork is still highly valuable and usable, as long as it has been cared for properly. 

Engineered Formwork Is Highly Durable

Engineered formwork is highly durable and is less likely to warp. This type of formwork will stay in place when concrete is being poured, making for a much more durable application during the curing process. 

Formwork Speeds Up the Concrete Construction Process

When construction crews are on a tight schedule, they need to make sure the work is carried out precisely and quickly. With concrete formwork, concrete construction crews will find they are able to produce much faster than they would with other traditional pouring methods. 

Concrete Formwork Is Fireproof

Many construction crews are unaware that concrete formwork is fireproof. Construction crews will not have to worry about concrete formwork that needs to be set out in the open to cure. There will be no fire hazards with this type of formwork. 

Concrete Formwork Reduces Injuries

Pouring concrete can be dangerous. Engineered concrete formwork has safety mechanisms built-in, making it a much safer choice for pouring concrete. With a reduction of injuries, concrete construction crews will work much more safely and effectively. 

Discover More Information

Those who are interested in using concrete formwork need to learn as much as possible about their options. Working with a professional designer will allow individuals to discover which type of materials they need for their particular projects. 

A professional formwork designer and engineer will help to ensure formwork models are made to precisely fit in with a crew’s projects. 

Formwork makes the process of pouring concrete forms much easier, safer, and more efficient. Get started now to create the perfect formwork for your next project.