Concept of Congruence of Triangle

Triangle congruence: Two triangles are said to be congruent if all three of their sides are equal and all three of their angles are equal in size. These triangles can be moved around, rotated, flipped, and turned to make them seem the same. They will line up if they are moved. ‘≅ ‘ is the symbol of congruence.

Congruent triangles have the same sides and angles as each other. There are four congruency principles that can determine if two triangles are congruent. However, all six dimensions must be discovered. As a result, the congruence of triangles may be determined using only three of the six variables. In mathematics, congruence refers to the similarity of two figures in terms of shape and size.

The term “congruence” is used to describe the relationship between an object and its mirror copy. When two things or shapes superimpose on each other, they are said to be congruent. Their proportions and shape are identical. For geometric figures, line segments of the same length and angles of the same measure are congruent. When learning about the congruent triangle, we come across the word CPCT.

In mathematics, the term congruent refers to figures and shapes that may be relocated or flipped to match the other ones. These shapes can be mirrored to match up with others. When two shapes have the same shape and size, they are said to be congruent. If two shapes are congruent, the mirror image of one of them is the same as the other. A polygon consisting of three-line segments forming three angles is called a triangle. A triangle is said to be congruent when its sides are of the same length forming the same angles. Two triangles can be stacked side by side and angle by angle in this manner.

Concept of Inequalities of Triangle

The term “inequality” in mathematics refers to something that isn’t equal. Consider the following basic example: if the expressions in the equations are not equal, we can call it inequality. The term “triangle inequality” is used in mathematics to refer to any triangle. If the lengths of the three sides of a triangle are a, b, and c, and no side is greater than the side c, then the triangle inequality asserts that c ≤ a+b. This states that the total of any two triangle sides is greater than or equal to the triangle’s third side. 

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