With the age of technology bringing about more digital-based businesses than ever, we’ve seen an explosion of enterprise-ready tech tailored for all kinds of different applications in the digital sector. There’s so much tech nowadays that it can be hard to know what exactly you might need to grow and expand your business.

Being scalable is important but not detrimental to your current day-to-day operations. Finding that balance between what you need right now versus what you’ll need a year or two from now is important to re-evaluate consistently.

That being said, computing tech is useful no matter what kind of digital business you run. This article will cover tech for computing that every digital business owner should know about.

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

For physical storage solutions on-site for your workstations and servers, you’ll have the option of hard drive disks (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs). Both are very valuable and essential for a digital business, but they have very different functions. 

Generally, solid-state drives will be able to access data quicker and have a faster data transfer rate when compared to hard drive disks. However, hard drive disks can store far more data as a storage solution and are less expensive to purchase.

And the difference can be drastic. A good Dell SSD that runs a workstation’s operating system can speed up that system several times compared to running the same operating system from an HDD. 

Primarily, solid-state drives will be used to run operating systems from intensive applications that will operate less efficiently or effectively on HDDs.

Be sure to use a healthy balance of both to get a quick machine and efficient storage solutions.

Invest In Storage Arrays

If your digital business works with an abundance of data, then a storage array is a great option to store all this data effectively and proficiently. A storage array is usually made up of various hard disk drives working in tandem to create a central hub for storage that all your employees can use.

Not every digital business will need a storage array, as many digital businesses can easily outsource this need to cloud storage solutions. However, if you handle a lot of sensitive or proprietary information, it is often best to keep all of this local to your business.

A storage array can be the glue your network needs to store and easily serve terabytes of information.


Invest In Uninterruptible Power Supplies For Your Business

A power supply is vital to the operation of any machine, be it a workstation or a server. However, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS for short) are crucial for the latter. If your server handles critical data for your internal network, then an uninterruptible power supply can keep your server ticking even in a power cut.

Being too reliant on the power grid can be a dangerous game, especially with the recent upsurge of solar flares that can disrupt the power grids up and down the nation. Losing data or work should never be a concern, and keeping your server operational during power outages can help prevent this dire situation.

While this seems like a fantastic option, most digital businesses that run servers will need a very powerful (and expensive) UPS to maintain their network during power outages. But they are a valuable investment to have.

Invest In Mobile Workstations

This is a great investment that many digital business owners are becoming fonder of, primarily due to the flexibility it can give to their employees. Mobile workstations (such as a host of powerful laptops) are a great option, and not only does it allow for more hybrid working models, but they can also help improve overall productivity.

For example, if you have a mobile workstation, working for pretty much anywhere with an internet connection and a power source is an option. It allows for working holidays and working from home and can help your business stay productive during adverse weather conditions where going to the office isn’t an option.

While it is still valuable to have desktops (as they can be more powerful), having a few laptops spare is never a bad idea.

Invest In Simple But Effective Communication Software

Any digital business that’s adopted a hybrid business model over the past two years will know that having effective, concise, and timely communication is key to working remotely. Slack allows all of that with a simple, understanding UI that anyone can use.

But Slack doesn’t just allow for instant messaging; it can also help with the organisation of projects with ‘channels’ – that allow for seamless communication in a group chat dedicated to a specific topic (or client).

File sharing, link sharing, individual status icons, and even emoji responses are all features included with Slack.

It is a fantastic tool that can improve remote productivity.