Ecommerce marketing can be super complicated. Yet they are the essence of the competitive strategy for ecommerce business. So, it is important that you use the right tools, right mindset and right application to thrive in the competitive market.

  1. Use a good shopping cart

I would recommend you use one of these three shopping carts: Shopify, Woo commerce, big commerce. I recommend these on the basis of their design, in terms of their SEO and Paid search. They also have support teams to back you up whenever you need them.Optimizing your product pages

You need to spend a considerable amount of time optimizing your product pages with regards to SEO and design. So give your products good titles that people are actually searching for. And write a good description that encourages people to buy your products. 

  • Arm your 24/7 salesperson

Remember your online page is your 24/7 sales person you must provide for its needs. So every time someone visits your page they must be greeted with a perfect sales pitch. Make sure you put some time into that. Also, product photography is extremely important because people are more visual than readers. More Importantly make sure you put in badges for the quality services that accompany your product, like fast delivery, express packaging etc, according to competitive intelligence services lately you need to have reviews on your product pages, because studies show that product reviews increase your sales by 400%. So make sure you have everything done right for your digital sales person.

  • Schema Markup

Make sure you have schema markup on your page. So when someone searches on google even before visiting your page, google shows product rich cards. These are pictures of your products and services displayed with the search results. And it improves your visibility organically. Thus giving you advantage over your competitors. Here is another good reason to use Shopify, WooCommerce and big commerce. Because they have a generally good schema markup That allows your website to grow organically.

  • Google Merchant center

Google merchant center is what you are going to use to run google shopping ads. And the product feed is very important so you would want to make sure you have good information in there with regards to product title, the description, the key words etc. So that you show up when people search on google shopping in brand style.

  • Google shopping ads

There is a popular trend amongst buyers to search products on the shopping tab in the google search results. So you would want your products to appear on the google shopping tab. In order to be on the google shopping ads you must be running google shopping ads. Moreover you would need to optimize your product ads based on results. So you need to set up Ecommerce tracking to monitor your ROI and occasionally turn off the ads and ad campaigns that aren’t doing as well.

  • Dynamic retargeting campaigns 

When people on google ads scroll through your products or click on your website. You need to retarget in order for you to make consistent sales. You would want your products to show on other pages they visit as ads or recommendations. After being displayed it gets stuck in the buyers minds eventually wearing them down to buy your products. You can run retargeting on Facebook and Instagram as well. Retargeting in such a dynamic way allows you to sell products that a buyer was tilted to buy but didn’t buy.

  • Facebook and Instagram ads

Facebook and Instagram have set up huge ads channels today. And people use Facebook and Instagram all the time. So you would want to make sure you are targeting people on Facebook and on Instagram. And their algorithms deliver so well that you could get products to people who would really want to buy them. To give you an example, you could target mothers who make 50000 a year and have daughters who are training for gymnastics. This is how particular Facebook ads can be so it is really a platform you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Automate your email marketing

Email marketing is particularly important because a lot of ecommerce businesses spend considerable time getting people to make the first purchase. But they never retarget the customer via mail. Imagine if all your purchases were doubled, How much revenue would you be generating then? So it is very important to set up an automated email for marketing as it allows you to make an extra sale. And you can even run campaigns like for example holiday campaigns for product promotions or sending email requesting customer feedback. So if you are creative with your email marketing and manage to automate it. You will manage to increase your return on investment on your marketing dollars spent.

  • Invest in SMS marketing

SMS marketing is perhaps even more important than email marketing because there will be less than 20% people who will open. And even when they do it’s no assurity that they will open it at the right time.  So there is a lag here that can be avoided using SMS marketing. Considering most people from competitive intelligence consultants open their text messages and that too within a 5 minute window. This is particularly useful on slow days or when you need to clear out your inventory. So you need a VIP deal SMS campaign. One way to do that is to have vip deals displayed on your websites and SMS code for those who want to avail it.

  • Use a CRM

One common mistake ecommerce business make is to not have a CRM instead they are using a backend of their cart to look at customer data. Instead, you want to integrate your cart with an actual CRM so that you can populate all of your customer data. And even add further customer data as you get to know your customer. So, if you hire a salesperson or if you are the sales person, working through CRM and actually making proactive calls can be life changing for your business.