In the early days, girls were introduced to periods with only two options for menstrual blood management: pads and tampons. While pads are bulky and feel like wearing a diaper, tampons were equally as terrifying for many.

Luckily, today you have more options that are equally liked by young girls and seasoned women. You can choose menstrual cups or buy period underwear from Modibodi UK. Although these options gained popularity mostly for being planet-friendly, these can also enhance your comfort multiple times.

Many menstruators prefer period underwear over cups for their ease of use and absolute comfort. These underwears are similar to regular panties except that they are made of super absorbent material for menstrual management and period care. Here are a few reasons that will encourage you to switch to these amazing products.

●    Get effective time back for your heavy flow days

Period underwear can be used as a stand-alone bleeding management option. However, many use it as a backup along with tampons or cups for heavy flow days. If you have those days when the flow is excessive and multiple layers of protection are needed, you can pair these two options for greater peace of mind. A backup with these underpants will allow you to stretch those extra hours at work when you really need to change.

●    Perfect if you want to choose plant-friendly

Traditional menstrual products used to end up in landfills without a choice. However, period underwear can help you cut down this waste significantly. These can be reused and if maintained, can properly last for a couple of years. If you are also an environmental enthusiast, period underwear is what you might prefer.

●    Excellent assistance to manage irregular cycles

Irregular periods are a common issue that many women are dealing with in the present time. Constantly juggling multiple tasks, rushing around all the time, stress, and many other lifestyle factors can be blamed for that. You can use these underpants during the days leading to your periods or period-ending days when you think it is over but get unexpected bleeding.

●    Soothing to your delicates

Many ladies find other menstrual products lead to sensitivity or allergies. A feeling of dryness, pain, and discomfort is not so uncommon these days. Period underwear is a great option as these are mostly all-natural and chemical-free. You do not have to insert anything or have any plastic-like thing rubbing over your intimate parts.

●    An affordable option for pocket-concerned users

You may find the price tag on a full pack of tampons cheaper than period underwear. However, keep in mind that period underwear can last for up to 2-3 years if taken care of properly. The math is simple: you can save a significant amount by switching to the more sustainable alternative.

●    Deliver comfort and confidence

When it comes to comfort, nothing beats period underwear. These products provide discreet protection with impeccable ease and comfort. You can wear them while being active during your workout sessions, or traveling without feeling dryness, itching, or any other kind of irritation. These are also designed to prevent leaks in the bed and let you sleep peacefully.

●    You can pick from various styles or designs to suit your preferences

In their initial days, period underwear used to come in a traditional design and was a bit old-fashioned in looks. However, today you can find them in all sorts of trendy styles and designs. From bikini to thong or lacy, you can get anything that you can imagine them to be.