Wristwatches have been used for a long time to display a sense of style and to show the person donning them is dependable. These uses are still intact. However, smartwatches are taking over from the stylish conventional ones. Smartwatches come with various functions that are essential in this era. Some of the functionalities include but are not limited to tracking time and distance besides serving as fitness devices. Nonetheless, these devices have some common problems. This article details those problems and how to fix them. 

Difficulty in pairing and syncing

This is a common glitch that affects Android and Wears OS smartwatches alike. It prevents the smartwatch from connecting and syncing with your phone. As a result, the data from your watch won’t appear on your phone. If so, you first need to check if they are compatible on g.co/WearCheck. If they are, you can proceed to reset it.

However, there is a soft and factory reset. So, before you start the procedure, it will help if you check online for the process using terms like how to Reset Galaxy Watch 4 lest you end up damaging the device. After that, you can check the Bluetooth connection. If they are connecting, you should reset it before restarting and then try to sync. 

Battery brain 

Battery draining is another common problem with these devices. In some cases, the problem is coupled with a charging problem. In most cases, the battery drain is due to screen brightness, the disagreeing version of the Wear OS app, or a specific Wi-Fi connection

To fix the battery drain, you can start by heading to the smartwatch’s settings and reducing the brightness. In addition, you should also check for applications that you rarely use and disable them. If the problem persists, you should check if it’s running on the latest version of the OS and go a step further to ensure that the problem isn’t your Wi-Fi connection. Suppose none of the above works; you should factory reset and pair from scratch, then monitor the performance. 

Notification issues

Notifications are the essence of smartwatches; however, the devices sometimes develop notification problems. This can be the smartwatch not sending notifications to the phone and vice versa. In such cases, you will first restart both devices and check if you have solved the problem. If you still have the problem, check if you have enabled the notification setting. You can go further and toggle specific applications that aren’t sending notifications.

Unresponsive touch screen

Lastly, the device can become unresponsive. This problem will limit your screen usage. Fortunately, some devices come with a stock watch face that you can use to navigate the settings till you get responsive watch faces. Once you get it, you will reset and restart the device to ensure the watch face you’ve set is working. Alternatively, you can enable the “raise to wake” setting on the device. Note that this setting only works for gestures like raising your wrist. 

Smartwatches have revolutionized wristwatches. They come with different functionalities that are pretty handy. However, they also have common problems like the ones in this article. But to avoid damaging the device, it would be best to check how to reset it by searching for terms like how to Reset Galaxy Watch 4 before toggling its settings.