Deciding to put your house on the market can be both exciting and sad. After all, in most cases, you will have put your heart and soul into making the house your home. That means personal touches that ensure it is a comfortable place full of great memories. 

However, when it is time to move on it can be exciting to think about the home you will be creating next. The great news is that the Australian housing market is always busy, making it easier to find the right property. Of course, this also means there is likely to be plenty of competition for your home. That’s why you need to avoid making the most common mistakes when selling your home:

Not using All Avenues

Traditionally, people visit their local real estate agent and get their property listed for sale, allowing the agent to do most of the work. However, this is not the only option and you should be prepared to try other options. 

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For example, using a reputable real estate auctioneer means you can control the minimum price, the sale date, and potentially make more money when selling your home. It’s a viable way to sell property that many sellers overlook. 

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Setting the Wrong price

You’ve probably heard the property market is booming and prices are rising. However, that doesn’t mean you can go mad on the price you sell your property for. 

It is essential to look at what similar properties are worth and list your property for the right price. This will lead to a faster sale.

Listing During Winter

Properties don’t tend to look their best in the winter months and there are generally fewer people looking. That’s why it is best, if you can, to wait until the spring to list your property for sale. You’ll find more people enquire and a higher likelihood of selling. 

Not Including Enough Photos

You need your house to look its best in the photos. But, you also need plenty of photos. Most buyers today will look at the address of the property and the pictures before deciding whether to do a drive-by. Only if they are happy with all of that will they consider contacting you or your agent.

That means you need your home to look its best inside and out. You also need plenty of photos. The easier it is for a potential buyer to see the great qualities of your house the more likely it is you will have viewings and a sale. 

No Insurance!

You probably have house insurance that covers your house falling down. But, you should ensure you have insurance to cover anyone getting injured while viewing your property. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure potential hazards are kept to a minimum, there is no point in tempting fate. 

Don’t forget that major issues will be spotted. You either need to repair them or disclose them before the sale completes.