Renovating, rebuilding tombs, repairing the family tombs are considered spiritual works of beautiful significance in the Vietnamese tradition and stone tombs, common stone tombs, spiritual works of stone. Currently, the number one choice for many families due to its aesthetics as well as its durability over time. However, in addition to many families and families making unnecessary mistakes, please refer to the article below to have wise choices when planning to build a tomb, repair a stone tomb!

1. Choose the time to build and embellish a stone tomb that requires construction at the end of the year

Choosing the time to embellish and repair the tomb is often confined to the notion that at the end of the year to be built and repaired, at the end of the year, you can embellish the tomb works because according to the old concept, gia lang mo da ninh binh this is the time to prepare for delivery. In the new year, the yin and yang year is good for the bones, increasing the vitality for the grave. This concept is quite common in the northern provinces of our country.

Although it’s not wrong, if you want the family’s stone tomb to be the most beautiful and perfect, you should not choose to embellish it at this time. The first is because of the limited time, the end of the year is always the busiest occasion for farmers or civil servants, traders … also especially busy for the stone village artisans. If you place a tomb, place a stone tomb at this time, even at prestigious establishments, skilled artisans when pressed, it is likely that your products will not be polished, as well as run the risk of being delayed from the desired date and time.

Especially this time every year due to the pressure of goods as much as other items, stone products will have higher prices than other times of the year due to high material costs, many families pay high prices. to get products soon…. Therefore, if you are not rushed or forced, you can choose another time of year to build and repair, make a stone tomb for your family and family to be able to own the most beautiful stone products. the most perfect but the price is reasonable.

During the year there are many beautiful times for you to choose from such as spring – the best weather, great climate to build, embellish the tomb, summer – the time to relax, the artist also has more time. to refine beautiful products for the family stone tombs …

2. Pros and cons of available tombs, three painted stone tombs are available, various types of stone tombs are available

Currently, the purchase of available stone tomb products and available stone family products is being chosen by many families and individuals. These stone products have the following advantages and disadvantages

3. Choose products too picky

The choice of the shape, design and pattern of stone products depends on the preferences of each individual or family, but many people choose stone products too fussy, many details make stone tombs, Stone rules are too cumbersome, redundant in addition to strange high cost of products.

Products such as stone communal house, stone tomb, stone tomb …. Being a durable loc nuoc sinh hoat product over time can be stable for hundreds of years, so in order not to become obsolete you should choose a product with a design that is just right in harmony with the tombs, the tombs, the tombs. Being beautiful forever with reasonable cost.

However, if you like, custom, and religion as you like, you can still request and contact us for the perfect design and construction, for the stone village artist to manipulate. according to the will, according to the whole family’s desire to own the most beautiful and outstanding stone tombs.

4. Choose stone cladding because of low cost instead of monolithic stone for Ancient tombs need to be renovated, newly built stone tombs

When choosing stone materials for their spiritual works, everyone tends to be durable, beautiful. However, many families to save money often want to use stone cladding instead of monolithic stone. Stone cladding is often suitable for ancient tombs, which are difficult to embellish or design, but the durability will not be as high as monolithic stones, which are difficult to carve at will, the repair costs are also equal is not cheaper than we thought. Therefore, if you want your tomb, stone tomb to be more durable over time, you should choose monolithic stone to have the most beautiful and most durable stone products.