Military veterans enjoy many benefits from the government and other related bodies during and after their service years. Disability compensation is critical in a veteran’s life as it helps them recover and lead everyday lives without too much suffering. Nevertheless, Veteran Association, the body responsible for making these payments, establishes a particular date as a starting point for veteran compensation, known as the effective date. Several issues may arise regarding this date. The points explained below show some instances when you might find yourself in trouble when it comes to your effective date.

Reopening Your VA Claim

As a veteran, it’s your right to file for compensation for all the injuries or property damage you incur while serving in the military. You can file your claim more than once, but that decision has caused an issue with effective dates among many retired soldiers. There’s only one way in which VA claim reopening can land you trouble with your effective date.

Always remember that your effective date will be the day you reopen your claim and not the first date that Veteran Association received your file. The best approach is to maintain the appeal of your claim’s unfavorable decisions. Reopening a claim means having a new effective date. This can translate into losing substantial amounts in retroactive benefits.

Appealing Your Claim

Claim appeals arise when a veteran feels unsatisfied by the Veteran Association’s decisions on their claim. Unfortunately, some retired soldiers misuse this privilege and end up appealing many times on their compensation claims. Such individuals have no clue of their action’s detrimental effects.

While appealing your claim is okay, VA has the authority to use the appeal date as your effective date rather than the date it first received your appeal. Fortunately, you can term this as a mistake. The only way out is to appeal your claim further and have the body correct that error.

Changes in VA Laws

Veteran Association laws are subject to constant changes, depending on how the body sees fit. Sometimes, you might realize some recent law changes that allow veterans to receive their rightful disability compensation. Nevertheless, these changes affect your effective date because it now moves to the date of the law changes.

Interestingly, these law changes only affect veterans who file their compensation claims before a year ends after VA executed the changes. Those who file their claims a year after the Veteran Association law changes enjoy their effective dates as the day that VA receives their claim.

Medical Examination Dates

Some injuries veterans incur in their line of duty need regular medical checkups and treatment. Veteran Association understands this better than anyone else. Nevertheless, they can use your medical examination date as your effective date.  

This error can cost you a lot of money for the period you miss out on veteran disability benefits. Luckily, you can hire an attorney to help dispute your effective date in such a situation.

Service Leaving Date

Applying for veteran disability benefits should happen as soon as you leave the military. However, this, too, can adversely affect your effective date and land you into problems. In most cases, Veteran Association will use the day they received your claim as your effective day instead of the day you left service, which shouldn’t be the case.

Enjoying veteran disability benefits starts by understanding the best application and claiming process approach. You should also be apt regarding your effective date and what can affect it. The above information delves into this subject to comprehensively explain when you might find yourself in dispute with the Veteran Association in line with your effective date.