Clogs are a very common plumbing issue. Every homeowner faces clogged issue in their bathtub, kitchen sink, or bathroom sinks drain. Clogs are surely a great source of nuisance. They not only are problematic but they also disturb the daily routine by creating bigger plumbing issues.

Clogged drains need cleaning immediately otherwise they can lead to bigger issues that could be very problematic for the plumbing of your house. The most common issues caused due to clogs are sewer backups, and standing water, and the most severe can be corrosion inside pipes and flooding, etc.

Plumbing clogs are the consequence of what we allow to go inside the drains. Many things make them inside the drains which are not meant to go inside, for example, hair, grease, oil, fat, soap scum, etc. When these things go inside the drains, they start building residue inside which leads to issues most common of which is the slow flushing of water.

Some blockages are easy and can be resolved with the help of certain homemade remedies, while some issues are serious and require the help of a professional plumber.

Cause of Clogged Drains and Tips to get rid of them

Clogged drains are caused due to many reasons. There is no single or absolute reason to blame for the clogged drains. When we see standing water around any of the drains, we first think that there should be a hair clutter causing the blockage. However, this is not the only culprit. There are many other causes that lead to plumbing issues and clogged drains. Some of these reasons are described below for your knowledge and understanding.

1.     Soap Scum

One of the most common reasons for a clog is soap scum. Many people do not even know that their awesomely smelling soaps can also be the reason behind slow-flushing drains or blockages. Most bar soaps available in the market come in beautiful colors with great fragrances. People find it very pleasing to bathe with these soaps. However, they do not know that these beautiful bar soaps leave a thin film coating inside the drains and on their hands as well. This film starts building up residue with the passage of time causing a clogged drain in the long term.

·        Tip

The most common tip to get rid of soap scum is through the use of liquid soaps. Liquid soaps are easily cleaned and do not leave a film of fat or grease like the bar soaps.

2.     Oil/Grease/ Fat From Food

Another culprit behind drain blockages is oil, grease, or fat from the leftover food. Most of us have the habit of pouring down the remains of food chunks inside the sink while washing dishes. Similarly, we also pour down the leftover oil after cooking into the sink drain. Oil and grease are the worst enemies of drains and also the culprit behind clogged drains. Things you should never ever put down your kitchen sink drains are eggshells, chunks of food, fat leftover from meat, cooking oil, etc.

·        Tip  

Preventing blockages due to oil, fat, and grease is very easy. You simply have to put a non-melting container beside your sink and put all the leftover food, cooking, meat, etc inside that container.

3.     Hair

This is the most common culprit behind clogged drains. Our hair falls while we take shower. Especially long hair when going inside the pipes gets stuck and causes blockages in the long run. Similarly, curly hair also gets stuck inside the pipes easily. Hair starts building residue inside pipes which leads to blockage and clogging issues.

·        Tip

One simple tip to prevent hair from going inside the drains is by using a drain cover. They are easily available in the market. They have a wire cover and a lid to prevent hair from going inside the pipes. You can collect the hair from the top and throw it away.

4.     Tissues

Many of us have the habit to flush down tissues inside the toilet drains. We think that tissues are soft and water-soluble materials. However, this is not true! Tissues are made of different material which never gets dissolved in water. They keep on piling up inside the pipes and cause clogs in the long run. Therefore, it is suggested that you should never flush down tissues into your toilet.

·        Tip

A very easy tip to get rid of this issue is simply to place a garbage can inside your bathroom. Never throw your tissues in the toilet.

5.     Paper Towels and Wipes

Just like tissue paper, paper towels and wipes are also not meant for the toilet drain. Some wipes often come with a packing on which it is written “Flushable Wipes.” However, this is absolutely not true!! There is nothing like flushable wipes. They look very light in weight and the material looks soluble but believes us, it never dissolves in the water. The material of wipes and paper towels is very thick and it hardens when it is mixed with water. It keeps on making a pile inside the drain and leads to blockages inside the pipes.

·        Tip

There is no big secret behind this. The only tip is that you have to stop throwing things inside your toilet even if there is “flushable” written on it. Another tip is that, place a garbage can inside the toilet and make a habit to throw everything inside it.

6.     Mineral Buildup

If you live in an area where there is hard municipal water, this hard water will start building deposits inside the pipes. This deposit will also lead to the corrosion of pipes which is a very serious plumbing issue.

·        Tip

The only solution to this problem is to install a water softener system at your place.

Concluding Words

It is very important to do regular commercial drain cleaning in order to prevent clogging and other plumbing issues. The only key to maintaining clean drains is through regular cleaning and maintenance practices.