The Colosseum is one of the places that you absolutely must see when in Rome, and it’s nearly a requirement to do so. It is a vast amphitheatre that was constructed in the first century AD, during the height of the Roman Empire’s glory, and which served as the setting for innumerable gladiatorial bouts, popular sports, and other public performances.

Fortunately, it has survived to this day, allowing you to get to know it and learn about its history from it. Taking one of the guided tours of the Colosseum in Rome, such as the ones we have provided below, is a good way to go. So, if you are in search of the best colosseum guided tour or even colosseum tickets online, you can buy yours from any of the following providers!

1. The Official Colosseum Tour- Hellotickets

The Flavian Amphitheatre, as the Roman Colosseum is often known, is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, and it is included in this list because of both its historical significance and the architectural appearance it possesses. Despite the fact that it is not entirely intact today, the pieces that have survived have retained a great deal of their magnificence.

So if you want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to reserve your spot on this official tour of the Colosseum right away. This tour is conducted in small groups of up to 19 persons in order to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your fellow travellers. You will be accompanied by an expert guide in art and archaeology who will show you the most important aspects of the site while presenting the material in an interesting manner so that even the youngest members of the group can enjoy themselves.

As the tour begins, you will be given the opportunity to take photographs of the exterior of this towering structure, which will serve as a lasting reminder of your visit. At this point, the guide will provide you with an overview of the Colosseum’s architecture, as well as some of its historical significance. After that, you will be allowed to enter the Colosseum without having to stand in line when you purchase Colosseum tickets online.

2.Underground Colosseum (including Forum and Palatine)- Civitatis

What if I told you that the Colosseum in Rome has an underground level to explore? That’s all there is to it. This was the floor where the gladiators trained before going into battle. Additionally, from this location, animals and people were transported up to the sand using forklifts, which were powered by pulleys that were considered to be highly ingenious at the time. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of this ancient site, this tour of the Underground Colosseum + Forum and Palatine would be of great assistance.

Despite the fact that this floor was completely destroyed after a fire in the year 217, it was later reconstructed, and today it contains approximately 14 corridors. And it is at there that you will begin your tour, taking in the architecture of this remarkable structure and witnessing first-hand how the forklifts that transported the gladiators and animals to the arena functioned.

Later on, you will be able to stroll through the stands from where the audience members enjoyed the shows that took place in the venue and imagine the rush of adrenaline that was felt by those who were there.Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to visit another important structure from Roman times: the Forum. In addition to learning more about the history of this historic city, you can enjoy one of the best views of the Palatine Hill, one of the seven hills that once stood on the site of ancient Rome, which is only 50 meters away.

3. Tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum- Hellotickets

This tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum is extremely popular; in fact, it has received numerous favourable ratings, ensuring that you will have a memorable experience. It entitles you to priority tickets to the Colosseum in Rome, allowing you to avoid the enormous line-ups that are frequently encountered, particularly during peak season.

During this three-hour guided tour, you will learn fantastic anecdotes from the time of the gladiators, including how they prepared for competitions on the first level. On the second level, you will have a wonderful perspective of the entire structure, as well as the opportunity to learn about the architecture of the building and some interesting historical facts. The tour will last around one hour.

Following that, you will ascend the Palatine Hill until you reach the Roman Forum, during which time you will learn a little more about the history that the famous city of Rome has to offer. All of this will take place in the company of an expert guide who will explain everything to you in Spanish and to whom you can direct any questions you may have so that you will have no worries.

4. The Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine, as well as Gladiator Arena- Civitatis

Most likely, when you think of the Colosseum in Rome, images of gladiators fighting in the arena come to mind. This is not uncommon. But, did you know that this same edifice and its arena have also served as the site of executions for capital crimes as well as some artistic performances?

Despite all of this, the Colosseum’s arena is a fascinating destination to visit, and this tour of the Colosseum, Forum, and Palatine + Gladiator Arena is an excellent choice for seeing it. It will take you some time to get to know it and understand some interesting aspects about it, such as the rationale for its design and construction.

Despite the fact that the original arena is no longer in existence, part of the stage has been reconstructed so that visitors may view what it looked like during its prime. You will be able to see the Colosseum’s underground and learn how the gladiators made their way into the arena in the second half of the tour.

5. The Colosseum Night Tour with the Arena Floor – Whats In Italy Tours!

Whats in Italy Tours are offering you the opportunity to visit the Colosseum after the crowds have reduced, which is to say, after the sun has gone down. Your party will have the option to have exclusive use of the Arena if they so desire. There’s no need to wait in line; you can just stroll right in. Investigate the Colosseum’s Arena floor as well as the subterranean corridors underneath the arena floor.

Investigate portions of the Arena that have only recently been resurfaced following a 40-year hiatus from activity. Your educated consultants will supply you with a headset so that you don’t miss a single word that is being said. Also the guides in Colosseum guided tour are all licensed and qualified professionals who are also conversant in the English language.