We’ve discussed our thoughts on Subway Surfer game codes and looked at ways to redeem the codes of Subway Surfers in this post.

Are you a true lover of the Subway Surfer game? Are you concerned about the most current codes? Are you looking for the most current Subway Surfer codes? Are you interested in knowing whether some codes are expired? If so, check the article.

Subway Surfer is one of the most played games across the world. The players are always searching for active redeem codes for Subway Surfers which they could use in the game, as well as the codes that have expired recently. In this article we will look at Subway Surfer active codes and the codes that were recently expired.

Latest Active Subway Surfer Codes

The most recent Subway Surfers code to go open is giftDiscord2124. The giftDiscord2124 code will allow players to get some extra cash and other credentials to assist players in their game. To redeem the gift card the user must paste the code into a copy-paste or scan the QR code using their official site.

There were additional codes as well, however it seems that the codes are now inactive.

In the meantime, prior to knowing more details about the best way you can redeem Subway Sufers Redeem Vode, before you know how to redeem Subway Suffers Redeem Vode we will look at the codes that have expired.

For those who are unsure about the expiring codes, here’s the listing of all previously expired codes:

  • RunnerUp888
  • thebest9
  • beyou
  • cphparty9
  • Feel proud
  • 9yearsrunning
  • tysurfers9
  • Tonsofkeys
  • Bangkokcoins
  • Kiloo19Keyz
  • London2018Coins
  • Subway2019Venice
  • Frank4Lyfe
  • Potofcoins
  • Sybo10k
  • MissMaiaGP
  • bdaykeys
  • Keys5Zurich
  • BaliSummer
  • Bdaycoins
  • Nice5193
  • Nice4329
  • Naughty8734
  • Naughty3973
  • Nice1721
  • Nice9435
  • Naughty2315

Please not use these codes since they won’t yield any results. Also, if you apply expired codes beyond the limit and you are a victim of spam, you could be contacted. Beware of these.

How to Redeem Code Subway Surfers ?

In order to redeem your Subway Surfers code, go to the official website at the link at the bottom of this article. There’s an option to use a code right from your smartphone. In other cases, you’ll be asked to look up the QR code using an mobile phone or PC or laptop.

Simply type the code in the field and press Enter when you have it. Then you will be reintroduced to your Subway Surfer game via the App Store. Players will be able to play every time a coupon is in play.

Now that we are aware of redeem codes for Subway Surfers let’s talk about updates to Subway Surfer coupons.

How to Get New Subway Surfer Codes?

Subway Surfers coupons are freebies that are provided by the league’s producers, SYBO Games, and include things like keys, cash and much more.

There’s no official date for the launch of the codes at this time. Yet, SYBO Games has previously issued fresh codes to mark the holidays and game updates. Keep an eye on their social media accounts


There is currently only one currently active code. We advise users to save this page and check back regularly for any Subway Surfer code updates. Click the hyperlink to access our Official Subway Surfer site .

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