Are you looking to find a new online platform offering clothing for men and women with different styles? One such online platform offers outfits in bulk.

The latest trend is fashionable clothing, especially in countries such Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United states and the United Kingdom. Collars and Co has products from many sections. Let’s take a look at the site via Collars and Co.

About the Portal and Collars and Co

Collars, co offers clothes outfits that are not only stylish but comfortable. We have the following products on this website:

  • Polos with spread collar
  • Polos with a semispread collar
  • Polos with oxford collar
  • Polos with a cutaway collar
  • Polos with longer sleeves

Because they have been crafted after thorough research, the items on this website meet the demands of customers. Let us now discuss Collars and Co.


  • Portal type:Collars and Co. This online platform sells clothing items that have different types of collars.
  • Portal Address:
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Contact Address: Frederick, MD 21703, Winchester Blvd 4780, Suite 4
  • Contact no:Unavailable
  • Filtering Choice For Product:You are able to quickly select your product using the filtering function
  • Payment method:Visa, Venmo, Meta pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay, American Express, Discover, Diners Club
  • Social Media Link:Facebook. Instagram. Tiktok. Twitter
  • ReturningAvailable Within 30 Days
  • Shipping Collars and Co take 3.5-7 working days for express shipping. Collars and Co cost 7.25 USD and take 6-8 working days.

Collars and Co Reviews still remain unknown to us. Let’s look at the positive and sour aspects of Collars and Co.

Positive sides

  • Collars and Co provides authentic HTTP protocols that guarantee the safety of customers. Data sharing can be done through this portal.
  • Collars and Co has an actual IP address.
  • Collars and Co has received an SSL authentication certification
  • WOT has given Collars and Co their validation

Negative sides

  • Collars and Co. show trust score and trust Index as averages.
  • Collars and Co. do not have reviews that are crucial for any online platform.

Is Collars and Co Legit

  • The Date of Creation:Collars and Co begins its function as an portal on the 8th March 2021. Collars and Co now have one year of portal service.
  • The date of expiration:Collars, co will cease functioning from 8 March 2023. This means that there are almost 8 months remaining before the expiration date. Collars and Co are good for 2 years; you can calculate its life span from its publication date to the end date.
  • Trust score Collars and Co rated 45% for this section. The score is not great, and it’s very mediocre.
  • Owner Information:Collars and Co. details are kept secretly by WHOIS
  • Collars and Co Reviews – Not available
  • Trust Indice:Collars and Co. have obtained 58.1 out 100 as a trust indicator
  • Alexa rankingCollars and Co obtained 585701rank at the Alexa website
  • Malware:Collars and Co. has received 6 from 100
  • Risk Score:Collars and Co scored 7 out the 100 here
  • Spam score:Collars and CO earned 7 ratings from 100 in this section
  • Phishing ScoreCollars and Co got 4 stars out of 100

It is important to review the customer feedback in order to fully understand any portal. Let us look at the reviews.

Collars and Co Reviews

Since we didn’t find any reviews for Collars and Co this portal has lost half it’s credibility. The evaluation of an online platform is influenced by the reviews. Reading customer reviews helps us to learn more about the products and other shipping issues of an online platform.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to evaluate Collars and Co through reading reviews.


Our findings show that Collars and Co-Reviews do not exist. We recommend our readers take the time to consider carefully before investing in this website.