Coleen Rooney, known for being married to legendary footballer Wayne Rooney, has established herself in British media over time as an iconic TV presenter, columnist, style icon, and style influencer. But how has Coleen become such an influencer of British society?

Who is Coleen Rooney?

Coleen McLoughlin was born April 3rd 1986 in Liverpool England to Tony McLoughlin (a bricklayer with an interest in boxing) and Colette (who worked as a nursery nurse). Tony taught Coleen how to box while Colette cared for their needs as they welcomed their little bundle into this world.
Coleen is the eldest amongst her siblings and grew up in a tightly-knit family environment.

How Did Coleen and Wayne Rooney Meet?

Love blossomed for Coleen and Wayne Rooney when they were just childrenAt twelve, they met. Soon thereafter, their romance won over many hearts; eventually leading them to tie the knot at an exquisite ceremony on Italy’s Riviera on 12 June 2008. Their relationship wasn’t without its scrutiny, however. British tabloids frequently referred to them as the “King and Queen of Chavs,” often spotlighting Coleen’s fondness for shopping.

What Contributions Has Coleen Made to Media and Entertainment?

Apart from the regular limelight due to her association with Wayne Rooney, Coleen built a commendable career in the entertainment sector. In 2007, she penned her autobiography titled “Welcome to My World.” Not stopping there, she continued to engage her audience by writing a weekly column for OK! Magazine and previously had a column in the celebrity magazine Closer, named “Welcome to My World”.

Venturing into fitness, Coleen released an exercise DVD in the UK, “Coleen McLoughlin’s Brand New Body Workout,” which soon topped bestseller lists.

How Has Coleen Shaped the Fashion and Advertising World?

While Coleen’s enthusiasm for shopping made headlines, her innate fashion sense drew admiration. She made waves as a style icon, notably choosing high street fashion over high-end designer labels. Her fashion choices even earned her a spot in the coveted British Vogue. Many recognized her for this down-to-earth approach to style, rewarding her with several style awards.

Her influence wasn’t limited to fashion alone. Coleen’s charm and popularity made her the face of numerous advertising campaigns. One of her significant endorsements was being the face of the LG Electronics Chocolate mobile phone campaign, a deal worth a whopping £500,000.

Additionally, Coleen expanded her brand by launching her line of fragrances, appealing to a wide audience with her signature scents.

What About Coleen’s Personal Life and Family?

Coleen and Wayne’s love story took a new turn on 2 November 2009 when they welcomed their son, Kai Wayne, born at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. As a mother, Coleen has managed to juggle her professional commitments while ensuring a nurturing environment for her family.

Why is Coleen Rooney More Than Just a Surname?

While many might know Coleen Rooney primarily due to her marriage to Wayne Rooney, her accomplishments speak volumes about her individuality. From media to fashion, endorsements to writing, she has stamped her mark in various sectors. Her journey, from the streets of Liverpool to becoming a prominent figure in British media, showcases her resilience, talent, and undying spirit.