In the last few years, wholesale coffee bags have experienced a resurgence in popularity. For some reason, consumers seem to find more joy in tossing a coffee bag into their mug rather than picking up a strainer to squeeze out a single bean. While it is true that coffee freshens up quicker in a warmer glass than it does in a plastic bag, this benefit does not apply to coffee K cups. If anything, coffee K cup packing causes the coffee flavor to become bitter and oily, two things no coffee lover enjoys.

There are ways to fix the situation though, and these are accomplished with three relatively simple methods. The first involves the addition of coffee K cup packaging to your normal coffee packaging options. Simply add a resealing zipper or double knot to the outside of your coffee bags, then seal them tightly with a reseller’s protection tape. This can be enough of an extra step to ensure that your coffee maintains its freshness.

Coffee K Cup Packaging

A second option is to add coffee K cup packaging to your regular bags. The only real difference here is that you will be packaging the beans in a slightly larger quantity. Still, the quality of your coffee will be held throughout the entire brewing process, so this is definitely an option to consider for the ambitious coffee enthusiast. These bags are also available online, but do make sure you choose ones made from high quality materials that will stand the test of time. You can find resealing zipper bags, or double-loop bags which are designed to keep your coffee fresh for quite some time.

Lastly, there are coffee bags with resealing strips, double loops, or a combination of both. These bags can maintain the original shape of the beans during storage while allowing for easy access once opened. If you do not want to deal with sealing and storing your bags during shipping, you might want to consider purchasing these options as they allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Another option you have when it comes to coffee K cup filling is to purchase coffee pouches. These packages are ideal for households because they make transportation of your favorite beverage considerably easier than a bag. Pouch packages are typically made out of an injection molded plastic, which is then covered in a durable and waterproof fabric. Similar to resealing zippers, most coffee packaging pouches feature a firm closure which keeps your beverage safe and at the right temperature for several days.


In addition to your bags and pouches, you might also want to consider an assortment of coffee cups for added convenience. Keep in mind that many coffee enthusiasts enjoy drinking from a mug, so you want to make sure your coffee is always kept in the best condition possible. The easiest way to do this is with coffee cups. Whether you are using them for personal use, storing supplies in, or simply to impress your friends, coffee cups are a versatile coffee packaging item.

There are many different styles of coffee bags and coffee cups that you will find on the market today. Depending upon how trendy you want to be, you can go with one of modern design or classic style. Many people prefer to go with a classic coffee bag or cup set, which features a single color like black or brown. These kinds of product line come in varying sizes, so you can find a size that is perfect for whatever need you have. You can find lined coffee bags that are great for storing loose grounds in a basket or other container, or if you prefer, you can find disposable coffee bags that are easy to clean up and sanitize after each use.

Wholesale Coffee Pouches

Wholesale coffee bags are a great way to package your coffee in order to ensure freshness for several days of use. Coffee drinkers everywhere know that it is important to keep their beverages fresh and appealing for as long as possible, especially if you are going to provide them to your friends and family. No matter whether you are packaging your espresso shots or you are mailing in your gourmet coffee samples, there are several options available for you to choose from in order to keep your products fresh and appealing. With so many different packaging options available, you can choose anything in the line and have your products ready to be enjoyed by your coffee drinkers everywhere.

High-quality Zipper Bags:

High quality Zipper Bags are designed to be both durable and leak proof. Therefore, when storing Zipper Bags, your products will remain cool and will not easily get torn or ripped. To ensure the longevity of your packaging, choose from a range of over-the-counter or premium grade tear notch and hole seals. Most of the popular resealable bags feature tear notch and hole seals that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Stylish Design:

Stylish packaging has never been more fashionable. Stand up pouches and coffee bags are available in a variety of eye-catching designs, including animal shapes, bright colours and unique themes. This will help your brand stand out from the crowd, as your customised designs will be instantly recognisable. As with the majority of printed products, you can preview your design on-line to ensure that your resealable items will all fit together. Simply order online and your items will be dispatched straight to your home or business address, ready for you to start using them straight away.