Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cosy winter evening, you can’t go wrong with a bit of freshness and liquor. Cocktails don’t only taste amazing but have that picturesque look that makes them more fun than plain spirits. There are many good cocktail bars out there like Giovanna’s Cocktails

While some cocktails are more popular than others, the possible ingredients combinations are endless. Now is your chance to explore and step away from your favourites.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, below is the list of cocktail drinks you probably never heard of. From forgotten classics to popular cocktails’ variations, you’re guaranteed to find something for yourself. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Death in the Gulf Stream

Hemingway’s favourite, Death in the Gulf Stream is a pleasant combination of Holland gin, four splashes of Angostura, juice and crushed peel of green lime. The cocktail was invented in 1937 to deal with the period of economic recession. According to Hemingway, its strong point is the tartness and bitterness, just what you need to overshadow whatever bad is happening in your life. Best enjoyed with cracked ice. 

Blood and Sand

Blood and Sand was named after a bullfighting movie from 1922. While the name might not be the most appealing of all, you’ll appreciate the mixture of sweet vermouth and Cherry Heering that gives it a refreshing, unique taste. The combination softens the scotch whisky and brings out the orange juice flavour. 

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Banana Split Martini

Who hasn’t heard of a Martini? Banana Split is a dessert variation that strives to meet the expectations of the most demanding sweets lovers. All you have to do is to combine a simple vodka Martini with banana liqueur and creme de cacao, there rest is up to your imagination. You might not even want to go back to the plain Martini ever again.

La Paloma

Meet Mexican national treasure – La Paloma. While you might think Margaritas are the most beloved drinks in Mexico, La Paloma is just as well-known and respected. It is believed the cocktail was named after a popular folk song “The Dove” in the 1860s. It’s prepared by mixing grapefruit flavoured soda, lime juice and served with a lime wedge. It comes in all flavours: sweet, sour, a little bit bitter, a little bit salty and a whole lot divine.

The Suffering Bastard

The cocktail owns the funny name to its original purpose: a hangover cure. While you can imagine it’s more likely to have the opposite effect, it’s definitely inventive and worth trying. The key to preparation is bourbon, gin, lime juice, ginger ale with a dash of Angostura bitters and an orange slice, giving it a nice, refreshing flavour. A definite must-try. 

You know what they say, a variety is a spice of life. While the most popular cocktails are popular for a reason, it can’t hurt to introduce your taste buds to something different. Did anything catch your eye? 


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