If you are looking for a cochlear implant, probably you suffer hearing issues. Well, Cochlear Implant is the right treatment for you, if you suffer from a congenital disorder or loss of hearing due to any other reasons.

You can find the Best Cochlear Implant Treatment in India that gives you results. The doctors in India are not only efficient in the surgery, but they also help you with sufficient training to the proper use of the cochlear implant device.

Without the training, a patient cannot understand the working of the cochlear implant device.

The Working of a Cochlear Implant Device:

Working of a Cochlear Implant depends on the two components that are electrically coupled. Cochlear Implant has two devices, that is, an internal device and an external device. The internal mechanism is connected to your brain. At the same time, the external device is operative that is used to accept the sound signals.

Through the electrical coupling, the sound signals are transmitted from an external component to an internal device. Finally, the internal tool passes the messages to the brain, and you can hear.

However, it is a surgical process and requires experience and expertise from a surgeon to accomplish it. So, make sure you choose your surgeon wisely to get the best results from the surgery.

Cochlear Implant requires a big incision at the back of your ear for the surgery. So, you cannot accept the immediate results of the treatment. The doctors do not switch on the device immediately after the installation.

Once the Cochlear Implant is done, the doctors do several tests to check if the device is performing satisfactorily by sending the test signals. If the device is functioning normally, then the surgeons close the incision.

However, the device is not switched on until you do not recover from the surgery. Once the closed incision heals, the doctors start the machine after complete diagnosis. Now, you can hear, but not understand the machine language.

So, the caregiver team gives you complete training on how to translate the signals. With effective practice, you can understand the signs as well as speech. The learning time varies from one patient to another. It might take a longer time for young ones to learn compared to adults.

With all the process, once you can understand and speak normally, you get the discharge from the hospital. The life of a cochlear implant is not limited. It can perform for a lifetime if you follow all the instructions from a doctor and the surgeon.


Cochlear Implant adds to improve the quality of your life. Although, you have to keep enough patience to get the results after a cochlear implant. Once you are recovered, you can live like everyone else without any issues.

One thing can be essential to avail a cochlear implant, and that is Cochlear Implant Cost. It varies from one country to another. If you are looking forward to a cost-effective and successful treatment, you can plan your medical tourism to India.