Are you looking for information about some shoe factories? Do you want to know how this factory works? In this article, we will discuss all the information about the shoe factory and its operation.

We will also tell about customer feedback of Cn Factory Shoes factory called sample factory from different countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many other countries. So let’s start.

What is a sample factory?

The sample factory is responsible for the production of shoes for different brands as this factory designs shoes according to your design and ideas. This factory is located in Dongguan, China, and has more than 25 years of footwear manufacturing experience.

The various brands associated with this shoe factory include Disney, Lee Cooper, Talbots, Airwalk and many more. This Cn Factory Shoes only supplies high-quality footwear and delivers products in just two weeks. Factory materials are durable and prices are set at market rates.

The workers of this shoe factory are well qualified and very experienced. The factory makes sure that the design does not come out so that no other brand can copy it.

Specification of an exemplary shoe factory

• Inquiry address- [email protected]

• Address – example factory, Niu Dun Industrial Estate, Hengli

• Wang Niu Dun, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

• CN Factory Shoes contact number – 86 769 3901 8500

• Laboratory service in Satra technology

• Factory related brands – Ed hardy, Aerosoles, Safety Joggers and many other famous brands.

• The shoe prices are fixed and affordable.

• The quality of the shoes complies with the standard.

Is this Cn shoe factory legal?

Our research team has checked the legality of this site and found it has a trust level of 50%. In addition, there is not much information on the Internet regarding this site. So it looks like the site needs closer examination and seems questionable.

People’s opinions about Cn Factory Shoes

When we are looking for reviews, there aren’t many reviews on the internet about this site. The age of the domain does not indicate the age in relation to the website and there are no customer reviews. The sample factory is affiliated with LinkedIn and, a company based in China.

With limited information and no people’s opinion, it is hard to say that this is a trustworthy opinion. However, if you want to place an order with this Cn shoe factory, the decision is up to you.


Having all of the above-mentioned information about Cn Factory Shoes, ie the Sample Factory, we realized that the site was suspicious and that the information provided on the Internet about it was very limited.

So if you ordered anything from this website or got any information about it, please share with us in the comments section below.