Cloud hosting in India is a booming business that has already helped millions, if not more, to find their ideal website or business-related solutions. Indians are at the forefront of IT and therefore have a hand in cloud hosting too. In today’s day and age, pretty much every person uses cloud hosting one way or another, but so few understand it.

Cloud is just a metaphor for the internet, or in some cases, a network of connected devices, but for this article, whenever we use the word cloud, think internet. So anything to do with the cloud, including cloud hosting, is something that happens online. Most of you know that cloud hosting is a feature of cloud computing, so the first question we have to answer is ‘what is cloud computing?’


Cloud computing, in simple terms, is storing or accessing data or applications over the internet. That is a service provided by internet providers. Think of all the photos you have on Facebook, and think of that game you play in your browser. These pictures are on the cloud. Since you did not download the game, the gaming software runs on the cloud. The cloud is a physical server that creates multiple virtual computers. The way we can categorize our brain, the server can compartmentalize itself to make virtual computers. These virtual computers do not interfere with each other, and each virtual system is dedicated to one person or purpose.


Now we come to our second question what cloud hosting is? Cloud hosting is the form of cloud computing that focuses on websites. It uses multiple servers, and this allows for more speed. When you use the internet, there is constant data exchange. Say you google something, you are sending your query to the server, and the server is sending you multiple answer options like Wikipedia link, youtube link, etc. To get all that data from one close-by place by one messenger will take time, but for it, all to be gathered from multiple close-by locations by multiple messengers will not. That is the simplified version of cloud hosting.

Benefits of using cloud hosting

Cloud hosting India uses multiple servers to spread out and balance the load to give you maximum uptime and speed. Here you use resources from a pool of resources and not just your hard drive and one single server. One of the benefits here is that it speeds things up. But this also means you will never face issues even if one server is down. It also gives you a lot of flexibility and makes your website easy to scale. There are pretty much no limits, your hard drive may have a fixed amount of storage, but the cloud has unlimited.

Because of its flexibility and scalability, cloud server hosting has taken off in India. Multiple providers offer affordable plans and solutions. It is on par with the services provided abroad but cheap dedicated servers. Most cloud service providers offer a range of packages depending on your needs. From running applications to storage, with technical support and 24/7 uptime, this is the new computing way. These providers often provide additional services like website builders, VPS, and domain registration as well.

Skeptics often point to the structure of Webhosting and worry about privacy and interference. After all, you are in effect giving your data to a third party to store. And yes, you are, but this data will be encrypted and fragmented; portions of it will be held on different computers. People also worry about interference or cross-connection, but here is the beauty of virtual computers. They do not unnecessarily interact with one another. And it is always the owner, not the host, that has any control over his data.

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