Affiliate marketing is increasingly being used. It is particularly popular when working with influencers, who can reach a wide audience thanks to their large reach. Today, however, it is not necessary to have one’s own website or blog, as it is sufficient to share opinions on social media, for example. In this way, you can contribute to the promotion of a product and earn money if someone decides to purchase an item through an affiliate link. How does affiliate marketing specifically work and what does it consist of?

Marketing and affiliation

Everyone has certainly come across the term affiliation more than once. This type of marketing has been used for years. It helps to promote products and actually gives an advantage to each of the parties involved.

Affiliate or partner marketing is based on a relationship between an advertiser, i.e. a vendor, and partners, i.e. publishers. In this view, the advertiser wants to promote the product in order to increase its sales. The publisher has a channel in which to place information about this product or service.

In the process, there is also an affiliate network whose job is to help the advertiser and the publisher find each other. The final link is the user, who clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase through it. When the transaction is completed, the publisher receives a commission.

Campaigns in affiliate marketing take various forms. One of the most popular is banner advertising. When a user clicks on the banner, a link is generated, based on which the affiliate network recognises the website entrance and the purchase.

Offer rankings are also common. The presentation of products in this form not only encourages a click on the link, but also provides the user with a lot of information about the product. This increases the likelihood of persuading the customer to perform an action – including a purchase.

Affiliate links also appear in mailings. Sometimes the links are placed in an advertising graphic which, when clicked on, takes the user to the product page.

Social media should not be forgotten either. The explosive growth of social networks has meant that affiliate marketing is often used on these types of platforms. Links can be posted on your fanpage or in groups.

Affiliate marketing differs from classic marketing. The main difference is that in the traditional sales model, the company or person selling the product or service acts directly to attract customers.

With affiliate marketing, on the other hand, the company or person selling is involved in the whole process, but sells products or services to other people or companies. In this case, the person or company acting as an affiliate will refer customers to the affiliate on whose behalf the sale is made.

Free cooperation – affiliate platform

The affiliate platform is a term that must appear in the topic of affiliate programmes. It is a tool that enables companies, individuals or affiliate networks to carry out affiliate marketing activities.

On such a platform, it is possible to create your own affiliate programme, in which partners (so-called affiliates) can promote the products or services of a particular company or person and receive a commission for each completed sale. So if a customer makes a transaction and pays for the purchase, the affiliate gets a certain amount.

These platforms offer tools to track affiliate activity, such as affiliate links, discount codes or banner ads. Tools to analyse sales and commission data are also available.

With affiliate platforms, companies can easily manage their affiliate programmes and monitor the results of their marketing activities, while affiliates can easily promote products or services and earn sales. So when it comes to affiliate marketing, the work can be very lucrative if a person skilfully places links and reaches a wide audienc

Click Hub – platform for affiliates

There are many affiliate platforms, so it is difficult to choose the one that offers favourable terms and conditions. It is worth taking a look at the Click Hub website. This platform is easy to use and allows you to make money from affiliation.

What sets Click Hub apart is certainly the billing model. One of the options available is transfers in cryptocurrency, specifically, bitcoin. This makes payments fast and secure.

What products can be promoted on Click Hub affiliate? There are two categories: investments and supplements. In the investment field, products are mostly related to the cryptocurrency market.

In the supplements catalogue, on the other hand, there are products such as dietary supplements, joint pain ointment, potency supplement, supplement for bladder problems, ear oil, shoe insoles or hair oil.

The affiliate earns money when a customer makes a purchase through the link they promote. There are many possibilities here and it all depends on the creativity of the affiliate and the effectiveness of the product they are promoting.

Permanent collaboration? – Click Hub

Registration on the platform is very simple. All you need to do is enter your basic details, such as login, phone number, email address, country of origin and password.

You then need to indicate the countries you want to operate for, the affiliate networks and the products you specialise in. This will ensure that the products to be promoted are well suited to the individual.

Next, you have to choose the form of billing. There are several options: m invoice, transfer to a euro account or transfer in bitcoin. You must have a cryptocurrency wallet to use this option.

After completing the data, you have to wait for verification. The administrator checks whether the profile has been filled in correctly and what can be offered to the affiliate. Once this process is complete, the account is active and you can start working.

What does working with Click Hub look like? The affiliate platform provides links to advertise the products it has on offer. The products are available in different markets, in different countries. The affiliate selects the ones he wants to promote and the countries in which he wants to operate.

He receives the link and then uses it to advertise and sell the product. The link can be placed in different places, depending on where the audience is. This can include social media, for example.

Each user of the platform is given an affiliate number. This keeps track of each person’s work and is essential for billing. It is well known how many and which products a particular affiliate has sold. The user himself has access to his statistics, in which he can check, among other things, how many people have accessed his link or how many people have made a purchase through him.

The more products he sells, the more money he earns. Earnings range from €5 to €10 per sale, the specific amounts depend on the market and the type of product. The affiliate will only receive money if the sale is confirmed.

Futuristic marketing?

What are the advantages of an affiliate platform? Affiliate work can be a supplementary income or a main source of income, depending on how large an affiliate’s network is. However, it can operate completely remotely, which is extremely convenient.

Certainly, affiliate marketing is the model of the future. Thanks to affiliates, a company is able to reach more people with its product and the commission on sales makes many people eager to start cooperating in the promotion of products.

Affiliate marketing allows effective product promotion and is profitable not only for the company, but also for the affiliate and the affiliate network itself. For this reason, this solution is being used more and more, especially due to the growing popularity of online creators who gather a large audience around them.