Do you feel a little slow in paying your monthly bills and feel the need to turn the responsibility for the payments over to a reliable agency? Do not worry; we are here to help.

This news article will explore an online platform that promises to pay your bills on a single platform with just one click.

It seems like a perfect answer to your woes.

It is called Clickpay Com Firstservice and is gaining popularity with customers all over the United States.

Let’s learn more about this new service through the following article.

What is it about?

It often happens that we forget to pay our utilities and other monthly bills on time.

Here is a company that comes to your service and helps you with your payments.

ClickPay is a payment and billing solution for condominiums, rentals, co-ops and commercial property managers. Their mission is to help asset management companies streamline and simplify the process for accepting payments from their owners.

This company is a fully virtual office, a one stop shop for all your online payments. It helps you with online payments, mailbox and check scanning, online bill payment, electronic invoices, and printing solutions.

This online portal also provides services through payment consolidation, real-time integration of your accounts and automation of business roles.

One can make payments with Clickpay by registering on their website.

How to register for Clickpay Com Firstservice?

It’s a straightforward process. You must create your account by registering using the following method:

Visit the website

Click on “Register”. Create your profile online with ClickPay.

Configure your payment option. To mention, the electronic check is FREE; the credit card option comes with an additional charge.

You can either add an “Auto Pay” option to automatically deduct each month or click “Pay Now” to make monthly payments on time.

Is this service free?

Payments can be made online through ClickPay by electronic check (ACH), credit card or debit card. Electronic check (ACH) is free.

However, if you pay by credit or debit card, a nominal charge of 2.95% is applied to all payments made by Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Is Clickpay Com Firstservice secure?

All customer banking financial information is secured with SSL (256 bit) encryption. There is no need to worry as ClickPay employees do not have access to any bank account or card information.

Clickpay Com secures and stores your information before entering their system. In addition, it does not publish or share personal information with third parties.

Final verdict:

Clickpay Com Firstservice is a complete and secure payment platform for leisure management and accounting.

You can go ahead and use their Clickpay Com Firstservice service.