Many organizations now require a drug test report while hiring or even on monthly basis from employees. While you can’t flee from a surprise drug test, certain clever tricks can save you from the embarrassment of a positive drug test resulting in losing a prospect or current job.

Although it is preferable to refrain from drugs and lead a healthy lifestyle. Drug consumption is nothing unnatural and is allowed in many states to a defined level. But what if the drug level approved in your state can create trouble for you while moving to another state for a job? Well, in that case, you can simply use these tricks to get a negative result on a drug test.

Types Of Drug Test

A drug test is conducted by any authority whereby they take a sample from you to conduct the test and specify the level of drugs or metabolites present in your body. The most common used drug test types are:

  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Hair
  • Blood

The good news is the most commonly used drug test is urine, which is the easiest to pass. You can find lots of good info on using fake urine here:

Tips On Passing A Drug Test

Before going into details you must know that since blood tests are quite expensive, saliva tests emphasize more on recent drug intake and hair tests have some associated reliability issues which are why urine drug test is the most common one. This is why it is better to know the ways to deal with urine samples to ensure that you pass the drug test.

One most important factors that you should consider is the frequency of drug usage. If you are a heavy abuser who takes drugs on a daily basis in large quantities then the result of these techniques will not be as good as it is for light abusers who consume less quantity of drugs occasionally. In both cases, it doesn’t hurt to try so let us unveil the techniques that can help you pass a drug test.

Dilute The sample

The easiest, pocket-friendly and most accessible way are to dilute the urine to lower the concentration of drugs in it. The logic behind this technique is quite simple. The more you will dilute your body, the more you will pee excreting drug residue and diluting the urine sample to lower the number of drugs in the sample. There are various ways to do this including:

Fluid intake: You can simply enhance the intake of fluids such as juices, water, coffee, etc.        

Detox Drinks: Many detox drinks are available in the market that can not only dilute the urine but also add minerals and vitamins to the sample to affect the result of drug tests.

Detox kits: there are complete sets based on pills, drinks, and eating plans that can help you get rid of drug residue from your body in an accelerated manner.

Medicine: Certain blood pressure medicines are known to increase urination. But these medicines can cause health issues and cannot be taken without a doctor’s consultation.

Though diluting the urine is easily possible it comes with an issue. The color of urine gets clear or transparent instead of natural yellow which can make the testing agents suspicious that the sample is not representative of actual bodily conditions. But don’t worry, we got you covered. You can take 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B2 through food or supplements and it will color your urine yellow to remove any suspicion from testing agents.


Synthetic urine powder is readily available in the market if you know where to find it. You can take that powder along with you on the test day and then add a bit of that powder to your urine sample to forge the chemical composition of the sample and affect the drug test result. The most commonly used powdered urine product is called Testclear’s powdered urine kit. It’s not the highest quality product on the market, but good enough to pass a simple urine test.

You can also use bleach, salt, or detergent to forge the sample but make sure to mix it well so that the visual look of urine does not unveil your little secret. But the risk factor is involved if the staff catches the adulterant from you or catches you red-handed while mixing. Clear Choice brand also have a product called Spike additive. You can add this to urine pee sample, mix it and voila, your sample should be good to be tested. But if you want to be 100% sure to pass the test, I highly recommend you to use synthetic urine.

Using Synthetic Urine Or Your Friend’s Urine

You can take actual human urine from a person who doesn’t take drugs and change it with your sample. But it is highly risky as if you get caught you won’t be able to justify it. The absolute safest way to trick a urine test is buying a high quality synthetic urine product such as Quick Luck or Sub Solution.

For a very detailed guide check out outlookindia’s synthetic urine guide. It’s a very great report and it covers basically everything about passing a urine drug test. How to hide synthetic urine, how to keep it warm for the test and of course how to use the product when you are in the testing room.