Are you a fan of parasailing and jet-skiing? Clearwater Beach is a place you have always wanted to visit. Haven’t you? It is one the most beautiful and beloved beaches in the United States. However, recent mishaps have occurred near this spot.

Many people felt more shaken by the recent incident. It happened between a man and a woman about 4-6 days ago, according to sources. It is not known if it was suicide or murder. Let’s look at the details of Clearwater Beach Suicide.

Did it involve a suicide or murder?

This important question can be answered with “self-defense”. He attempted to forcefully enter the bedroom of a single woman and she grabbed her gun to kill him.

The man’s body was discovered by police when they reached the crime scene. The police arrived at the crime point to find the man dead. The woman claimed that the stranger had broken into her bedroom and killed herself.

Investigators’ Views on Clearwater Beach Shooting

The investigators said that they received a call at 8:45 AM from a woman. They attempted to reach the woman as soon as possible and saw something strange. They were able to learn a bit more about the identity of this man after a thorough investigation. Justin William Wright, 26, was the man.

They also said that the victim had been injured trying to protect her self. The gun was also legally purchased by the woman. Further investigations, judgments and identifications will still be needed.

Clearwater Beach Suicide Trending:

Because of the confusion, this particular case is controversial. Some people thought it was suicide. The other group is still trying to determine if it was a suicide or a murder, since the full reports aren’t yet out.

We don’t know anything about the identity of the woman or the autopsy reports. We believe we should wait until the investigation team has reached a final decision.

What is the Penalty?

We must think about the Clearwater Beach Shooting and the possible future punishments that a woman could face. According to the United States laws, self-defense killings do not constitute crimes. If a person is asked to kill someone in self-defense, they are exempt from any criminal penalties, provided that the actions are clearly explained.

To avoid being arrested for the murder, the defendant must prove that they were a looming danger. To avoid further punishments, Justin’s victim must prove her innocence. She will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.


The Clearwater Beach Suicide was an awful mishap. If it was self-defense we should be grateful for the bravery of this woman and pledge to do the same. We wish the victim gets the appropriate and just punishment if the crime was murder.

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