The league medals of clash of clans can be exchanged for some useful props in the league store. League medals can represent each player ‘s own strength, and as long as there are more league medals , you can easily enter some high-combat clans, so in the clash of clans League medals are very important, and league medals can only be obtained by playing against leagues. Many players find that they have played a lot of stars when playing leagues, but in the end they won few league medals. What is the reason? Woolen cloth? Next, I will tell you clash of clans how to get more league medals, if you want to know more about how to get league medals in clash of clans, please visit .

clan battle league is based on how many times your clan has won. If the number of victories is more, the more league medals you will get. The distribution system of league medals is based on the overall clan . So the final result depends on what rank your clan occupies. If your clan happens to be in the last place, then even if you have full stars in every battle , your league medals are still very low. Here are three ways to earn league medals:

Won the first place in the clan battle league

This method requires the joint efforts of all members of the tribe to get the first place in the tribe battle league . This method is relatively simple. You can rely on the masters in the tribe to lead the flight, as long as your tribe has some powerful high-level players. Players, then it is relatively simple to get the first place in the Clan Battle League .

This method is more suitable for some players whose level is not very high, because it is more difficult for these players to obtain league medals through other methods , so this method is more suitable for some novice players and civilian players.

2. Destroy all enemy buildings

in the battle. This method requires everyone to fight some weaker tribes and destroy all buildings.

Because destroying all the enemy’s buildings requires the player’s own arms to have a suppressing effect, and the tribal generals are relatively powerful so that they can easily destroy all the enemy’s buildings, so this method is more suitable for some players who can stabilize themselves , this way It can easily destroy some low-level players, so senior players are very suitable for this method .

3. Reach the top ten in the season rankings

The method of season ranking is also very simple, as long as the player operates normally to get it, as long as the player has a high number of trophies and reaches the top ten of this rank in the ranking of each season , then it can be easily obtained. amount of league medals .

And this method is also very suitable for some players who don’t like to rush to rank and have a desire to win. Everyone can easily win league medals as long as they follow the normal rhythm .

above is how to get the Clash of Clans of medals League brought to you. The most important thing in the clan battle league is the cooperation of the team and the test of the overall interests of a team, so players only have one chance in the league , and this chance Perhaps it is a key step that is related to whether the entire tribe can stand out in the league, so the league tests the overall situation of the tribe members . If you want to know more about how to get league medals in clash of clans, you can visit , here will continue to update the guide articles of clash of clans, come and have a look!