The Coutts, located in Alberta, Canada is on the news for three days. According to reports the border crossings have been shut down due to protest against the COVID-19 regulations set for truckers. Additionally, the protest has been ongoing for three days which is why the RCMP has yet to begin negotiations with truckers to open the roads.

The news is popular on the internet and there is no room for speculation that is not true. We herein give you all the information you need about the City Wide Towing Coutts. Check out the complete article.

What is Coutts?

Coutts is a village located in Canada which is home to approximately 250 inhabitants. But, according to reports more than 20 kids did not make it to school on January 31, 2022 that’s Monday, since the school bus was not travel in the direction of security of the children due to the protests at the border area.

Additionally, the trucks transporting goods across and around the border also had to stand in line or be stuck in a dead-end, looking for a new route.’

We will go over the details of what City Wide Towing Coutts are and its present situation in the upcoming sections. Continue to read the report.

More Information On Towing Coutts

  • According to reports the protesters are demanding the government to end COVID-19 as a public health measure.
  • Recent protests have been held to oppose Washington and Ottawa’s imposition of strict vaccination requirements for truckers crossing border.
  • The demonstration also included compulsory wear of masks and vaccinations to a larger population.
  • In the present situation the authorities are looking for truck towing companies that are able to assist in removing trucks of crossing the Coutts border.

City Wide Towing Coutts – What is The Current Progress?

When researching the current situation of the blockade, it was discovered that a number of local towing firms had received calls on Sunday to help the RCMP in removing the trucks. But, it was revealed that a number of smaller businesses refused to offer assistance or to get involved with the process under the excuse of protecting their image.

The protests are meant to protest against the COVID-19 vaccination mandate and the immunization for crossing the border. This has resulted in many truckers occupying the area, which has led to city wide towing Coutts. According to the most recent news, the blockade is in place and protests continue with a lot of truckers taking part in the event.

Final Conclusion

The border is traversed by between 800 and 1200 trucks every day. Additionally that, 52% of all gross domestic goods are transported to Alberta by trucks. Furthermore, the protest can be evidently affecting the business and economy.

Grant Hunter, the MLA for Taber Warner, shared an image on Facebook discussing the idea of bringing his grandkids along to Coutts border. Coutts border to teach them about the necessity of fighting for liberty and freedom.