It is the Citibank located in the United States has been featured in news reports recently and throughout Canada. It has received criticism from many for not accepting an unpaid check for $30K from one girl who was at the branch located at 5500 Sunset Blvd. According to sources the girl claimed that she was handed an amount of rent in the $30k range from her father to deposit that the bank could not take.

In this piece we will therefore discuss what the incident is all about. Additionally, we will also tell our readers information about the Citibank 5500 Sunset Blvd reviews and other details.

The reason Citibank featured in The News?

The internet is flooded with reviews and comments about an incident that was reported within the Citibank branch located at 5500 Sunset Boulevard. In addition, there are opinions and critiques that are polarized by people who have been flooded by social media and forums on the internet in a bid to highlight the incident.

According to reports the girl was able to bring the check for $30K to the bank. she claimed was given by her dad. According to sources the check was issued to deposit an amount for rent of $30K to the bank. The bank, however, refused to accept the check and has caused an internet spur.

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What are the Customer’s opinions about the Bank?

The branch has various ratings on the internet. It is rated as one star out of five ratings, ranging from 1.2 ratings out of five.

In this case one of the people who explains the incident says that the bank seized the check presented by the woman who was a minor into the institution. In addition, according to the sources, they threatened to keep her inside the bank, and also tried to contact the police since she recorded the whole event.

Additionally, the bank thought the check as illegal and was unable to release it, and then confiscated the check.

Citibank 5500 Sunset Boulevard Reviews – – More Details

There are many mixed opinions about the incident of the incident and also the banks. In this case, some customers have highlighted the bank applying the correct procedures to verify the authenticity of checks, specifically when the check is for $30k.

In addition, one user raised the question is she has an account at the bank? Additionally, the user asked if this was an individual cheque or a cashier’s check in the comment section. We suggest that users go through all of Citibank 5500 Sunset Blvd reviews in depth.


Citibank is among the most acclaimed Financial Services MNC. It has more than 2,649 branches in 19 countries. Additionally, it has 723 branches in the US. Furthermore, its branches are situated in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

The incident took place within the Los Angeles branch located at the address 5000 Sunset Boulevard. We recommend that you read each comment carefully to find out more information about the incident prior to making any assumptions.