Chris Ayres is the voice you heard in “Dragon Ball”. His remarkable career as a voice actor in both the United States film industry and the Japanese film industry needs no introduction. He has also written numerous film scripts, and greatly contributed to the anime industry.

He is best known for his role as “Frieza”, the fictional character in Dragon Ball Z. He is also known as Christopher Ayres Frieza. He started his career in ADR and was a Dub of Kino’s Journey.

The Personal Lives of Chris Ayres:

Ayres was a 1965 Richmond native. At six years old, he began his acting career as a stage actor. He continued to work at various regional productions. He was six years old when he started his career as a stage actor. Later, he worked at various regional productions.

They began working together, and they developed a close bond that lasted until the end of Ayres’s life. She was the first to announce the sad news about Ayres’s passing to the entire world.

Net Worth

Chris Ayres, an actor and director who was among the highest-paid voice actors, has achieved considerable fame and wealth. His net worth was approximately $1.5 million. He was also included in the Top 100 Voice Actors. His primary source of income was his work as a voice actor.

Notable Works Christopher Ayres Frieza

Kino’s Journey and Dragon Ball Z are the most well-known works of Chris Ayres. He also had a voice in videogames. Famous videogame performances include The Dragon Ball Series (2010-2018), and The Remnant (2008). The Dog Park: Prank Calls was his last film as a voice actor.

He was awarded the Best Male Vocal Performance Award in the 2012 Staff Choice Award.

Death and Illness

Chris Ayres was first diagnosed with end-stage heart disease in 2017. Since then, he has been admitted to hospital. His deteriorating health was publicly posted on social media, which elicited enormous support from his friends and family. Christopher Ayres Frieza also had a double lung transplant. He has been very ill since then.

His condition did not improve and he passed away on 18 October 2021. Krystan LaPorte, his girlfriend and partner, was there to support him and shared the sad news via social media. Chris Ayres’ death is an unimaginable loss for the voice-acting and anime film industries.


Christopher Ayres was a remarkable voice-actor, ADR Director, and scriptwriter. His famous voice as “Frieza”, in the anime Dragon Ball, will always be remembered. His wealth was over $1.5 billion, making him one of the most successful and wealthy voice actors.

After three years of fighting against the disease for cardio obstructive lung disease, he died in October 2021. Christopher Ayres Frieza IMDb biography page