Christmas has become more than a holy occasion. This day is celebrated by people from all religious backgrounds around the globe. Kids, along with the adults, everyone waits for this time of the year to celebrate the feast of Nativity. 

The celebration includes house decoration, bringing a Christmas tree, and the most important part, exchanging gifts. However, selecting the perfect gift for your loved ones is hard when there are many available options online to decide from. Like you can order gifts from Gifts And Baskets, which is one of the largest online gift stores in Canada. You can find a huge variety of amazing gift baskets and other gifts for every occasion with free delivery and excellent customer support. But to pick the perfect Christmas gift basket for families, here are some ideas. 

1. Chocolate Gift Basket

A celebration without chocolates cannot be completed, which makes a chocolate gift basket a perfect pick for a Christmas celebration. Also, everyone in the family can enjoy chocolates as the charming sweetness of chocolates is impossible to resist during celebrations. The number of options in the chocolate baskets is endless. You can choose a gift basket with combinations of different chocolate types like white chocolates, dark chocolate, chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate-glazed donuts, etc.

2. Royal Wine Gift Basket

On the occasion of the Christmas celebration, a bottle of wine is undoubtedly a wonderful gift. But you can make it even better by picking a gift basket that has other items along with a bottle of royal vine. Vine baskets come along with several items like crackers, nuts, snacks, popcorns, or a pair of wine glasses. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can get Bogle Chardonnay, Moss Roxx, and Meiomi Pinot noir, as these are some of the best yet affordable wine bottles.

3. Delicious Cup Cake Gift Basket

Cupcake is the best combination of sweetness and love. Their cute shapes and packaging make cupcakes gift baskets among the top Christmas gift baskets for families. Just like a combination of different chocolates in a chocolate gift basket, you can get different flavored cupcakes in a gift basket. To make it even cuter, place a handwritten Christmas card along in the gift basket. 

4. Refreshing Spa Gift Basket

A spa gift basket fits right to every occasion, especially when one is looking for a gift basket for families. It consists of all spa products that every member of the family can utilize. The beautiful packing of spa gift baskets is what makes it stand out. Pick a Christmas-themed spa gift basket to gift, and the recipient would love it! 

5. Fruit Gift Basket

Are you looking for a classic gift basket? A fresh fruit gift basket is the answer for you. A fruit gift basket is the healthiest gift for families on a Christmas occasion. It consists of different fresh fruits along with other breakfast items like snacks, oats, bread, jam, honey, etc. So, every member of the family can enjoy the items of the fruit gift basket. Don’t forget to put a small handwritten note in the basket wishing them Happy Christmas! 


Presenting gifts on Christmas is not just a tradition but a perfect way to show love to your friends and family. By sending gift baskets to your loved ones who live far away, you make them part of your celebration. We hope this Christmas would bring happiness to you and your loved ones, and these few gift basket ideas would help you pick the right gifts for them. 
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