This article gives information onChristian Pulisic Sister, the sister to an international star soccer player.

Users will naturally be interested in celebrity athletes and athletes with worldwide fame. Christian Pulisic is a soccer legend. As he becomes more successful professionally, people are keener to learn about his siblings and family, including his sister. This has made the query Christian Pulisic sister a hot topic.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about this athlete, his family and even his sister. We will provide all relevant information regarding this term’s popularity in Mexico and the United States.

Who are Christian Pulisic?

Christian Mate Pulisic, born September 18, 1998 in Hershey Pennsylvania, USA. He is a professional soccer star, aged 22, who plays for Chelsea football club. He’s also part of the United States national soccer team and is a key member. We’ll soon be able to discuss Christian Pulisics Sister.

Christian plays as an attacking middlefielder, but is more commonly called a winger. He has had a lot success professionally in recent years. His nationality and excellence in games have earned him the nickname “Captain America”. He stands at 5’8″ tall and wears number 10 in the Chelsea sports jersey.

Christian Pulisic’s Family

  • He was the child of Mark Pulisic and Kelley Pulisic. They both played soccer at George Mason University.
  • His father, a former soccer forward, now coaches the sport professionally.
  • His mother is an educator.
  • He has Devyn Pulisic as his sister and Chase as his brother.

More Information About Christian Pulisic Brother

You will find all relevant information below about this sister soccer player.

  • Christian’s older sister, Devynpulisic was born on April 10, 1996. This makes her 25 years of age.
  • He is his older brother and she is the manager and owner of Tranquility Stables.
  • Christian shares a close relationship with his family members, including his sister.
  • Both siblings have been supportive of each other professionally. Devyn cheering her brother on during the games is one of many photos you can see.
  • Christian has promoted the business of her sister on numerous occasions.
  • Christian Pulisic Sister‘s name is Devyn Pulisic and they are quite close. They often share images on social media.
  • A less-known fact is Devyn also taught Christian how the horses are ridden.
  • Both celebrate special events, like their respective birthdays and festivals, with their families.

The Final Verdict

Users are keen to learn more about the famous people they admire. Recent users began searching for information about Christian Pulisic, the soccer player, as well as his sister. You will find all information about Christian Puisic Sister in the following paragraphs.

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