Perhaps the most crucial decision when choosing an engagement ring is choosing the perfect cut. Contrary to popular belief, cut moissanite does not refer to the shape of the gemstone. The symmetry, and facets of the stone’s proportion. Different cuts mean a different number of faces and proportions of each stone. Which in return greatly influence’ the amount of light reflected and scattered to create brilliance.

Here at Alexander Sparks, we offer several styles and believe choosing the perfect moissanite should be easy. We’ve put together everything you need to know about all of our stops. To make this big decision as easy as possible.

  1. A clever round cut

The legendary “round cut” is over 100 years old. And was design in 1919 by a Belgian diamond knife named Marcel Tolkowski. Cut grade: Excellent grade of brilliant round cuts should not be too flat or too high. For light reflection through the diamond and not back out the sides, the height must be ideal. When you achieve this, the brilliance of the “brilliant” round cut is phenomenal.

  1. Oval cut

Oval moissanite engagement rings, which compete with Brilliant Circle. Contain 70 veneers for sensational properties that reflect brilliance and light to bring out the brightness. And light to bring out the blaze and create the illusion of a big rock. Perfectly symmetrical cuts ensure a modern yet timeless and arm-lengthening style, creating a striking finger look.

Oval cut designs developed in the last century until the 60s when Russian jewelry master. Lazar Kaplan perfected the sleek finish of the modern oval cut. It is oval’ at the top and bottom and conical on the sides.

Cut Classification; A properly cut oval gemstone can reflect light, making the stone appear larger than it is. Regardless of whether a portrait or landscape install, oval cut stones are ideal centerpieces for an engagement ring.

  1. Princess cut

The royal princess cut is a perfect square and very chic. This jewel cut is the best choice for a bright, shiny, and bright engagement ring. This ideal square stone has 58 sides and spreads dazzling light to all four corners. Creating the effect of crushed ice and creating a beautiful sparkle in all of our moissanite collections.

The first princess cut; was carved by Israel Itzkowitz in 1979 and has since become the second most popular engagement ring cut. It’s a perfect square on top, pyramidal on the side, square below, and has a sleek, modern style.

Cut Classification; the abundance of veneers and pyramidal shapes makes it one of the best cuts for brightness. It spreads dazzling light at all four corners, enhancing the square shape and giving it a lovely shine.

  1. Cushion-Cut.

This contemporary style is akin to a modern princess cut combined with the timeless curves of a graceful oval cut. A padded moissanite engagement ring is a classic piece that every woman wants to embellish with her ring finger. And can have a modern or vintage feel depending on the setting chosen.

This cut contains 82 larger veneers to allow more light to penetrate. And split into spectacular colors, creating a curved effect when capturing light. It is a square shape with rounded corners at the top and bottom and tapering at the sides.

Cut classification: moissanite gemstone with a pillow has a comprehensive aspect than classic round and oval cuts. It allows white light to be broken down into a spectral color. Creating a glamorous rainbow effect when capturing the light.

  1. Radiant cut

As the name suggests, the main feature of a radiant cut is a “radiant” sheen. Rectangular top with stepped and cut corners. Both Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore opt for beautiful luminous cuts.

The glow cut is a modern design that was master in 1977 to perfectly capture. The brilliance of a modified round cut in a simple square design. It is the square-cut gemstone style ideal for radiant moissanite engagement rings and features 54 facets.

Cut: The block veneer and graded design make it the most brilliant of all square cuts. Although Princess and Emerald’s gemstones come in different styles. Shiny cuts’ are much more customizable – their main characteristic is a brilliant shine!

This cut is also referring to as the square modify-brilliant cut. As the gloss and sheen are comparable to the classic round brilliant cut. Look at our bright loose gemstone for an idea of ​​how the “cut” compares to our other classic’ cuts.