In these times, the use of both professional and non-professional graphic design tools has become important in many fields. Today, if you own a company, or a website or just want to learn digital marketing, the important point is what you need to know to develop presentations, the visual identity of your brand, the various elements that you use day after day to report on everything and more that we could list here So, in this article, you will know top graphic design software that exists today.

Top Graphic Design Software – The Best Solutions For Designs And Devs

Without further ado, we are going to share with you in this article the best graphic design software that you can get, whether they are free or not. Perhaps, as soon as you start working, you understand that the work of a graphic designer is quite difficult. In addition to the work itself, designers often have to think about which programs to use to get the most perfect result. We are more than sure that you will be interested in reading the Forbes article about the development of the field of graphic design.

Adobe Photoshop CC 

One of the most complete programs, not to mention that it is most often used at the professional level along with its brother Illustrator, which we will talk about later. The program itself isn’t very intuitive, although, with a few hours and the odd tutorial, you can get the basics down, for example, to start retouching a photo. In addition, Photo Retouch also allows you to make 3D images or highly professional illustrations. 

Either way, you’ll find hundreds or thousands of tutorials to learn how to use this program, on Google, YouTube, or wherever. As we say, this is probably one of the best options out there, but it requires an hour of learning because its interface seems intuitive. But the reality is that it is difficult to use, and even more difficult to reach a professional level with it. Nothing that can’t be learned by putting hours and hours into the program. There, as we told you in the introduction to the article, you will have to evaluate yourself on how much you are really interested in this. Of course, if you learn how to use it well, you will do impressive work for your brand.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is, as we said before, the younger brother of Adobe Photoshop. Both are owned by Adobe and its Creative Cloud. With Adobe Illustrator, you’re going to focus on vectorization. That said, this program can be much more useful for creating brand logos, although that doesn’t mean you certainly can’t with Adobe Photoshop. In addition, you can also do your brand typography to have a nice complete visual identity. 

As we have already said, Adobe Illustrator focuses more on working with vectors, with the help of which you can create illustrations, designs, and anything you can think of. This program is easier to use than Photoshop and, above all, it is more practical to do the work. Although in any case and as it happened with Adobe Photoshop, you will have thousands of tutorials on Google or YouTube to spend hours and maximize the technique to the point where you get a professional design with Illustrator. Without a doubt, we started the list of this article with two of the best graphic design software that you can install on your PC. 

In addition, these programs are quite often used by professionals in the field of UX/UI design services. It is true that they are not free, but you know, they can be found anywhere. If you don’t want to and want to have them completely legally, you will have to pay annually or subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. This way, you will have access to many other programs in your suite, all of them professional and very useful for your company, brand, or website, regardless of the project you have in hand. We recommend you try them, without a doubt.

Corel Draw

It can be said that CorelDraw is something of a golden mean between Photoshop and Illustrator. This program first appeared in the computer world back in 1992. In Corel Draw, you can edit photos and work with vectors at the same time. Coreldraw interface is similar, a little simpler than Adobe’s, and nothing. We do not doubt that you will master all the intricacies of this graphic design software without any problems quite quickly. In short, this app is good for logo design, photo editing, and many other techniques you might be interested in.


Do you have an iPad? Then you have a treasure. It’s no joke because if you have an iPad, you can design and paint with Procreate. It is one of the most used programs for drawing and creating graphic design without a doubt. The program is very intuitive and works perfectly with the Apple Pencil. This is probably one of the main reasons why we boldly included Procreate in the list of top graphic design software.

With Procreate, you’ll have endless brushes to create and create anything you can think of. All of them adapt to almost any drawing or design idea you have. It’s a very good app for sketching, practicing airbrushing, calligraphy (that’s why creating a typeface for your brand) and many other art techniques.


Canva is perhaps not such a multifunctional program, but it is quite cheap and effective software for graphic design. Don’t be embarrassed by not giving it the adjective professional, because with Canva you will be able to create almost anything you need. It also provides you with a thousand conveniences, such as providing the formats and activities required for different social networks. That way, you don’t get confused by applying some of Twitter’s dimensions to work on Facebook, for example. Without a doubt, this is one of the top software for graphic design. It is worth adding that you can create all the projects you need directly on the Canva website.


A graphic designer needs to know which graphic design software tool to use.There is so much graphic design software available in the market for both beginners and professionals. We will not argue with the fact that choosing the most ideal option is not an easy task. You must build on your individual needs and skills. We hope that our article will help you with your choice. By the way, have you already used any of the programs from our list of top graphic design software? It will be interesting to hear about your experience.

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